Impending Crisis: Kenyans to buy fuel at 200 bob a litre, days after Uhuru’s exit

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Kenyans are likely to purchase a liter of fuel at Sh 200 a liter, seven days after President Uhuru Kenyatta’s exit from the Presidency as a result of the end of the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) subsidy of $ 2.34B.

With the subsidy, a litre of Petrol retails at Sh159.12, Kerosene at Sh127.9 4, and diesel at Sh140.

However, without the subsidy, the prices are expected to shoot to Sh214.13 for diesel, Sh206.17 for petrol, and Sh 202.11 for Kerosene.

Sources from the Treasury have also sounded an alarm to the incoming administration which will inherit pending bills of more than 500B.

Apart from the fuel headache, the Transport Ministry has outstanding bills currently standing at Sh140 billion – a problem the ministry says it has discussed with the President-elect, and finding a solution will be of top priority to the incoming regime.

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