I take responsibility for Bonchari and Juja loss, Raphael Tuju

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Jubilee Secretary General Raphael Tuju says he takes responsibility for the Jubilee Party’s loss in the Bonchari and Juja by-elections, and previous seats the party has lost.

Speaking on Thursday, the Cabinet Secretary without portfolio said the president was not directly in the by-elections and as such should not be blamed for the ruling party’s disappointing show.

”When it comes to the by-elections, the president is not involved. It is done at the party headquarters. The candidate is the biggest loser and the party is also a loser because we have lost a seat in Parliament, and to that extent, I take responsibility as the secretary general but I must not be a grumpy loser,” Mr. Tuju said.

Among the things which had the PEP candidate win the seat, Tuju says was Juja residents not being satisfied with the party’s choice of candidate and they protested on the ballot because she was from the family of the late MP. The secretary-general said it was okay to lose an election, and generally, med-term elections are tough world over.

”We have to establish a culture in this country that to lose is okay. When we win it does not raise eyebrows but when we lose, they question why. Anywhere in the world, midterm elections are tough,” he added.

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