I know the people who killed Kitui Mayor, Ngilu

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Governor Charity Ngilu has for the first time disclosed she knows the people who killed the late Kitui Mayor Martha Mwangangi during protests in Kitui in 2016. Speaking to a local publication on Saturday, the Narc leader says the incident has stuck with her and pains her whenever it crosses her mind.

”It pains me so much. In fact, every time I walk in the streets of Kitui, that is the only thing that comes to my mind. I walk out from here and again I know the people who killed my friend Martha also wanted to kill me and they were part and parcel of this same county government workers that I am now presiding over. It is very painful,” she said.

The late Mwangangi was killed in December 2016 when a county government fire engine ran over her during a protest against demolition of kiosks by the county administration.

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The governor also explained the challenges women leaders face while in office and the many barriers she has had to overcome, from her first stab at leadership to date when she is governor.

”For women, it really is harder because you are balancing between your office, family, children, friends, politics and even your own self-time. Churches are waiting for you on Sundays, schools are waiting for you, there are burials and weddings to attend… name them. The telephone never stops ringing. They (voters) cannot understand why you did not pick their phone,” she says while disclosing she misses her husband, who was her strongest pillar of support when he was alive.

”Balancing this thing is very difficult; that is why a lot of women find it very difficult getting into office. If they must succeed, they must have very strong support from their families and if they are married, from their husbands. My husband supported me, he was there every time.”

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”Wherever he was, he told people I was the best MP. I miss him and I feel sad he is not around to be with me as the governor now and see the journey I have travelled. He would be proud of me. A woman needs all the support, from the spouse especially. Men are supported so much by their wives and I wish all women also have their husbands to support them,” Governor Ngilu added.

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