How I Managed to Walk Again After 2 Years of Being Paralyzed

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I remember this day like it was yesterday. It was a sunny day in March 2012. I was a self-employed bricklayer and had been asked to do a job at a site in Marsabit County. It was my first time on the site. The job was to build nine houses, but there was a grade 2 listed brick building that had to stay. It needed underpinning to support the walls.

There were no proper foundations, so we had to dig underneath and pour in concrete to stabilize it. We dug out the hole with an excavator. Just after lunch, I went into the hole, up to waist height to clear the final bit of earth from under the corner wall with a shovel.

That’s when I heard a big great bang. Part of the building, a 6m –high wall came straight down on me and covered me up to my neck. It happened so fast that I don’t recall the impact of feeling my pain. I could wiggle my toes and move the fingers on my right hand, but my left arm was badly crushed. The site foreman saw what happened, and my workmate Andrew rushed over to support my head with his hands. It was above the rubble, so I could breathe. I felt happy to be alive.

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A paramedic arrived after about 15 minutes after the incident. He was a trainee and wasn’t allowed to give me pain relief, so I had to wait 10 more minutes for another to turn up. I cannot recall the pain now but it had been immense. The second paramedic gave me morphine, and then a fire crew turned up to get me out. Some of the structures had not fallen and could have fallen at any point. So they shielded me with a digger bucket while they moved the rubble off me brick by brick.

As it was removed, I could see my left arm was smashed to pieces. It took two and half hours to get me out. I was airlifted to hospital and immediately had a six-hour operation to try to save my left arm plus my leg was broken completely by the bricks. I had broken all the bones on the left side of my body, from neck to my pelvis and punctured my lung. I had 14 units of blood transferred. Without that, things could have been very different.

Over the next two weeks, I had another five operations on my arm, and they transplanted an artery from my leg to see if they could improve the blood flow, but that did not work. It started to smell and go blue. That’s when they decided it needed to come off.

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I was the breadwinner in my family and things were not really going well. I could not imagine going with one arm. So I suggested to be discharged from the hospital and live with a broken arm rather than living with one arm. The doctors did not hesitate and I was finally discharged.

At home, I was really a beggar since one arm plus my leg had been broken for two years now’s there was no sign of hope. All my family members had sidelined me because feeding a grown-up man was really the opposite of what our African culture recommends. One morning the foreman to the site I was working at came to my place just to know my well about.

We conversed and he was very pitiful. He said he had a solution to it. He told me Kiwanga Doctors had really helped him win tenders in construction including the one that almost killed me so my problem was just a mere thing to the
Kiwanga Doctors.

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The next morning we visited the Kiwanga Doctors and everything was done. A day after a visit to Kiwanga Doctors, I threw away my support walking crumps. I was fine. I was able to stretch. I was now also able to go for my daily usual morning runs because I felt fit and okay.

I was later employed as the assistant foreman at the tragedy site. I really applaud Kiwanga Doctors for
saving a life. I was a beggar no more. Anyone with disorders like broken body parts or crippled for a long time and challenges related to job seeking should visit Kiwanga doctors for their assistance.

They are fast and smart in eradicating such. Kiwanga doctors also help in treating and healing various diseases including diabetes,
high blood pressure and other diseases just in three days.

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