He slept with our Househelp claiming I had no sex appeal

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We have been living with my husband Dennis for three years. We stayed at a flat in Kariokor Nairobi area. I was working as a bank manager in the city. My husband was a doctor at a public hospital still in the same town. Due to our daily tight schedule, our young girl Stephanie had no one to stay with at home for both of us were too busy at least to win daily bread for our livelihood.

I proposed to my husband that I should take our young girl to our nearby baby care but he refused and demanded that a maid was the only situation putting in mind the maid would at least assist in daily house chores.

A week later, I requested house help from one of my friends who had a firm of househelps. We bargained everything and we came to an agreement that the lady was to come and live at our place for the new job. Her name was Loice. She was a composed, silent, and cute lady though am a lady also, I would not tell if she was cute that much compared to me. She was determined to do the daily chores since no one pushed her to her duties. I plus my husband reached at work on time since we had a third hand that really was productive back at home. I was at the office door always on time, my hubby too.

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After a month Loice seemed to have started to change her dressing code. At times she would wear a miniskirt and pass by at the sitting room. My hubby would stare at her butts and when I looked at him he would pretend to be much busy on phone. Loice would always serve my husband first in every meal. They would look at each other and only a fool would not sense there was something fishy going on. When Loice made a mistake in the house and I tried to raise a voice, my hubby Dennis would castigate me for correcting our house help.

It reached some point that my husband did not want to meet our conjugal rights and I had to masturbate for my sexual satisfaction. At some point, we stayed close to a month without having sex but still slept in the same room under one blanket. I predicted maybe Loice was the cause to this. He would even claim he was too tired for the act and we should do it tomorrow. The next thing he would say was he heard a lot of workload to research on and balancing of time was a problem to him.

I felt heartbroken but I predicted there was something fishy going on in that house. Maybe Loice had a big butt which he dreamed of sleeping with some time, or maybe I had no sex appeal that he claimed I lacked. Things were tough on my side as I continued to masturbate despite him lying on the same bed. I went even at some point of buy of buying sexual dildos. In my bag, there were dildos, vibrator and at times I would even carry bananas to my office. I did all this at the office toilet because I had been left in sexual drought and that was the only way I could satisfy my wants.

I was young and my body demanded a lot in terms of sex. We did not talk to my hubby for a while despite living and sleeping on the same bed.

One day, I hurriedly went to work since we had a conference at my workplace. I drove at a much faster speed to work. When I arrived, I remembered I had forgotten the minute’s documents of the conference that was just about to commence in about four hours. I drove back home at a supersonic speed and I arrived at our house, loud music invited me.

Surprisingly, Dennis’s vehicle was still at the park yard. I Slowly opened the door. Loice was not in the sitting room. I found our young daughter Stephanie talking and trying to mimic the lyrics on the loud music that was being played. I walked through the kitchen hall way and at the kitchen I found Dennis my hubby naked, Loice was also naked, maybe it was their morning glory on the kitchen sink. I felt like crying. They were shocked and dump. I walked out of the house with my documents for the conference was about to commence.

When I arrived at the office, I found the meeting had been postponed. I broke into tears when I remembered what I had left behind. Maybe Dennis and our house help continued or maybe Loice ran away. I broke into tears then came to a workmate, Ivy, who wanted to know what was wrong with the boss. I told her everything and she too said she had had such a similar problem but it was solved by Kiwanga Doctors.

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She referred me to their website www.kiwangadoctors.com. I followed all their procedures before making a
visit to their offices. I was assessed at their offices and later returned home. That night my hubby came home early,
surprisingly he said I was looking lovely and we should have had some harvesting at that time rather than the normal evening tea. I could not believe what he said.

Each day he came back from work he demanded at least 30 minutes of romancing as I had him say I appeared lovely especially my figure. I knew Kiwanga Doctors had saved my marriage. We demoted Loice from a house help to our new person.

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