Great Day For Ruto As He Turns Kenya into A Past Tense and A Ghost Country

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Wednesday, July 19, 2023, was a great day for William Ruto as a Kenyan president. He had an excellent opportunity to show the US trade mission who are visiting the country right now the wonderful investment opportunities they will have to put money into the Kenyan economy.

The only thing missing was that Ruto’s little pet, Moses Kuria, who is his Trade and Investment CS who was not allowed to attend the meetings because the visitors cannot put up with his “extremist” world.

But everything was there for the visitors to see and they did not need Ruto to tell them how lucrative it is to invest in Kenya. They could see all that on the TVs in their hotel rooms. Good job Mr. President.

A few days ago William Ruto loudly promised Kenyans that there will be no demos going on under his watch.

Today Ruto is promising the whole world that there will be NO Kenya under his watch. Ruto has now made Kenya Past Tense as our good friend of Kenya, Wahome Mutahi, would say. Our great country now faces real burial under Ruto. Kenyans have to stop that and they will because they have done so in the past.

Horrible police shootings and violence in Mathare in Nairobi City

Sometimes even being loaded with two guns is not enough.

The media reports are not very clear. Four protesters were injured in the Mathare area of the capital, Nairobi, according to a police officer who spoke on condition of anonymity as he was not authorized to speak to the media.

The Associated Press witnessed one man shot in the shoulder and two others shot in the leg in Mathare.

In Nairobi’s Kangemi area, health records worker Alvin Sikuku told the AP that two young men had been brought into the Eagle Nursing Home clinic. “Police are using live bullets,” he said.

One man was shot in the back and severely wounded, and the other was shot in the leg. “We don’t yet know if they were protesting or just walking by,” Sikuku said.

In the city of Nakuru, Nakuru Referral Hospital Medical Superintendent James Waweru confirmed that four people came in with gunshot wounds, two of them shot in the abdomen, one in the chest and another one in the leg. A fifth person had been cut and wounded.

The Interior Ministry said more than 300 people were arrested during Wednesday’s protests and that they will be charged with crimes including looting, destroying property and assaulting police.

The opposition in a statement condemned the arrests of seven elected leaders and two close associates of Odinga, calling it a “desperate attempt” by the Ruto administration to paralyze the opposition.

Businesses and schools in Nairobi were closed as police used tear gas and water cannons to disperse protesters.

The Kenya Medical Association said its members had attended to “hundreds of injured Kenyans and witnessed tens of fatalities” as a result of protests in recent months, and access to health facilities was limited for patients and workers, leading to increased mortality.

Human Rights Watch urged political leaders to stop labelling protesters as “terrorists” and respect the right to peaceful protests. The group also called out the police for using force and live bullets to confront protesters.

Everywhere else the scenes were fantastic for William Ruto to show the international investors that he is a rising star in building a modern African country where the whole world can have very successful and the pictures speak for themselves.

Kilifi South MP Ken Chonga being arrested by police in Kilifi.

Just to make things greater, Kericho MCAs walked out from Ruto meeting complaining about harassment.

Down in Nyanza the Ruto police were on top of everything. Early reports are that some people were shot dead including 3 in Kisumu by the police and over 14 in hospital with bullet wounds already.

Kitale looked very busy.

In Kisii Town, women do their thing to support Azimio rallies and it is great to see them happy and having a good time. That is what happens when the police and government militias are not shooting demonstrators. People there are doing their business as usual and the demonstrators are very peaceful and funny.

What is wrong with that? This is bad because it makes Ruto very mad. He is asking himself why he buys guns for his police when Azimio supporters are dancing in the streets. They should be dead as far as he is concerned. That is our president my friends.

Biashara Street in Nakuru taken over by armed police and burning tire

Business hawker trying to sell his goods to journalists as everything else is shut down in Nyamakima in Nairobi.

Mombasa Azimio supporters having prayers. Thank you.

And Kenya is very peaceful as you can see Alfred Mutua tells the international community but please don’t watch your TVs because that is Azimio propaganda.

One thing Kenyans will have to deal with as William Ruto tries to destroy their country is that Ruto has never been a leader all his life. He is always a follower however ruthless he has been. He was a Moi little stooge and followed Moi until he was deposed from power. Then Ruto became Uhuru follower for ten years and then when he saw power on his way he even turned against Uhuru to get to the presidency.

This is the first time in his life that William Ruto was supposed to be a leader and in less than one year he is tearing the great country of Kenya to pieces right in front of everybody’s eyes.

That is Ruto for you. As a follower, he could kill people for Moi or anybody else without killing the country.

As the head boy now he has to kill the country first before he can do anything else. That is where we are as a country called Kenya. God Bless The Republic.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and  Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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