GMOs Pressure from the West Dangerous for Our Economy – Ole Kina

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Narok Senator Ledama Ole Kina is asking Kenyans not to listen to President William Ruto and stay away from GMO food which he says is being forced onto the country by Western powers.

On Wednesday night, Senator Ole Kina noted the moment Kenya will open its borders and farms to GMOs, Europe will shut down its market for Kenya’s fresh horticultural produce.

“I am a scientist, and scientists world over are in agreement that GMOs are not harmful to human beings. There is no evidence suggesting GMOs are harmful to human health. There is no woman who has grown beards because of consuming GMOs. I haven’t grown breasts despite taking GMOs regularly,” President Ruto said last night in a televised media interview from State House.

In October 2022, almost a month after assuming office, President Ruto’s Cabinet lifted the GMO ban in Kenya, citing the need to improve food security at a time when the country was facing serious food insecurity.

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