Kandara Residents keep off by-election, cite UDA Broken Promises

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Kandara residents are keeping off today’s by-election where the constituency is electing a new Member of Parliament following the President’s nomination of Alice Wahome to Cabinet as Kenya Kwanza administration’s Water and Irrigation CS.

Some voters who spoke to this writer say they have no interest in the mini-poll and the UDA party candidate despite the country’s CS coming from the constituency. They are citing betrayal from the new administration with some saying there is nothing that has changed in their lives since Uhuru Kenyatta left office.

”Voting does not matter today. We know the UDA person is winning. So there is no urgency to go vote. Bado tunachukua unga na ile bei ilikua ya Uhuru, walituambia itakua 70 bob so really voting them is a waste of time,” one voter said.

Another one noted many Kandara residents are busy looking for school fees considering schools are set to open this month and they have no luxury to line up and vote.

”Pesa za shule zinahitajika na vile unajua karo itakua juu huu mwaka. Tunatafuta pesa za watoto, serikali haitatulipia karo.”

Earlier, top government officials including Treasury CS Njuguna Ndungu and his Water counterpart Alice Wahome, plus UDA Secretary General Veronica Maina beseeched Kandara voters and UDA supporters to show up at the polling station and vote in the mini-poll.

”The turnout is poor, people need to come and vote. It is important. Come now, there is no queue,” CS Alice Wahome said after casting her vote at Muruka Primary this morning.

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