From BBI to Tribal Math Initiative (TMI): Ruto to deliver services to Kenyans tribe by tribe

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There is hypocrisy and then there are outright lies to cheat the hapless. Looks like William Ruto is an expert in those fields of human deceit. Good for him and God bless his victims.

Ruto has spent the last two years wailing non-stop about the evils of BBI which he says was invented by President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga to divide executive positions within themselves and for their friends.

In the last few weeks, Ruto has been raging against BBI as the issue that stopped all development in Kenya and the reason Kenyans are facing tough economic times because leadership became something about power-sharing.

At night unknown to Kenyans even to his supporters in UDA, Ruto was cooking up a power-sharing scheme and dividing executive positions on a tribe basis with one condition. For each tribe to get what they are being promised they must provide a certain number of votes.

It has been revealed now that Ruto signed an agreement with Musalia Mudavadi and Moses Wetangula that if Kenya Kwanza wins the election, then Ruto as president will issue an executive order within two weeks to create the position of Prime Secretary of the cabinet and that position will be given to Mudavadi.

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Here is the same man who has savaged Uhuru and Raila for trying to create positions through BBI. Ruto wants to create even more powerful positions by himself signing orders from his bedroom. Ruto doesn’t want Kenyans to vote in a referendum to amend their constitution because he wants to do it all by himself. Kenyans shouldn’t waste their time trying to fix their constitution when they have the master constitution maker who will just cook things up whenever he feels like it.

So the guy who was tying himself into a knot trying to defend the 2010 constitution which he opposed during the referendum is actually busy writing his own constitution hoping to be elected so he can rewrite that constitution as he wishes. Can anybody imagine what our constitution will look like when Ruto is done tearing it up with executive orders?

Now here is the catch for Mudavadi. In order for him to get that job after Ruto amends the constitution Mudavadi has to deliver 70% of the Luhya vote. If Mudavadi gets 69.9% of the Luhya vote Ruto will tell him a deal is a deal and he can get lost.

So those two Ruto colleagues from ANC and Ford Kenya will have to be standing outside all areas where Luhyas are voting and keep the tally if they hope to get anything.

As for Alfred Mutua, the new star in Kenya Kwanza he has to deliver 30% of Kamba votes to get nominated in parliament or get some job somewhere in government. So that is it for the Kamba community. You deliver 30% of the vote to Ruto and Alfred Mutua is a nominated MP. What a huge gift that would be to the community.

Now God forbid the Luhyas don’t deliver 70% of the votes and the Kambas don’t deliver 30% to Ruto, we know what happens to the leaders as they will be jobless but what happens to the communities. Will they be dumped on the roadside because they did not vote for the king?

The bigger issue which is already raising its ugly head is that William Ruto Ruto has been promising Kikuyu folks everything including the DP. What is their vote benchmark? Do the Kikuyus have to deliver 90% or a complete 100% of their vote to Ruto before they can get anything from his government? Is that also somewhere in writing or is just in Ruto’s heart and mind and he will implement it when the time comes?

And what will happen to other tribes and communities in a Ruto government? What percentage of the votes do the Luos have to give Kenya Kwanza before they can expect anything from their government. What does the Somali community have to provide?

Can our country really survive service delivery tribe by tribe based on votes delivered to the supreme leader? I don’t think so. We actually live in the 21st century and Kenya belongs to all those who live in it. William Ruto will find that out on August 9, 2022. Good thing that is very soon.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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