Former Molo MP details how Gachagua was sent by Moi to silence him in 1992

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Former Molo MP James Njenga on Monday evening described a horrific encounter with UDA running mate Rigathi Gachagua in 1992 where the former legislator was beaten up, stripped naked in front of family, and arrested from his Elburgon home by Mr. Gachagua who was a DO in his constituency at that time.

Speaking at an interview with Kameme TV, Mr. Njenga who held the Molo MP seat for ten years from 1988 to 1997 said Gachagua was sent to silence him while meeting a group of his campaigners and that he knows the Mathira MP well and how ruthless he is.

“I was Molo MP for 10 years. I served my second term when Rigathi Gachagua was Molo DO. I know him. I tasted his ruthlessness. Gachagua was sent to silence me. He was in his late 30’s. I was in my 50’s. Gachagua and his group invaded my house in Elburgon,” the former MP said.

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”I was meeting my campaigners. I was roughed up Infront of my family and supporters. Gachagua tore my trouser and shirt. His gang stripped me naked and frogmarched me to Njoro, Molo, and Elburgon towns. He then took me to Molo Police Station where I was held for 3 days without food and drinks,” he added.

After release from the Molo Police Station, Mr. Njenga went home only to find his house reduced to ashes, his family chased away and his supporters plus Kikuyus living in his constituency displaced.

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