Finance Bill 2023: Azimio Coalition Promises Fierce Resistance if Bill Goes Through

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Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Coalition leader Raila Odinga says President William Ruto will meet fierce resistance from Kenyans if the Kenya Kwanza Administration bulldozes its way through the National Assembly with the Finance Bill.

Speaking on Thursday in Nairobi, Mr. Odinga told Kenya Kwanza no regime has imposed so many high taxes on Kenyans in return for nothing as they have done in their 2023 Finance Bill.

”No regime has imposed so many high taxes on our people in return for nothing except fantasies and fairy tales. This Bill is economic sabotage. If Ruto insists on this Bill, this country will go into full recession. This Bill requires and must get fierce resistance,” Raila Odinga said.

Below are the ten demands issued by Mr. Odinga’s coalition to President William Ruto over the bill. Azimio insists the demands must be met or they will rally Kenyans to resist proposals in the Finance Bill:

1. Stop duplication of county roles and responsibilities. In the proposed Bill, budget for health is growing by Ksh35 billion at the national level, yet health is a devolved functions.

2. Adopt zero-based budgeting. Don’t take the previous budget as the baseline. Every budget must start at ground zero where everything has to be justified.

3. Don’t grow size of the budget, cut it down and live within your means.

4. Instead of imposing new taxes, seal the loopholes that lead to loss of revenue.

5. Stop non-essential government expenditures including the appointment of Chief Administrative Secretaries.

6. Reduce the size of government.

7. Cut non-essential Domestic and international travel.

8. Freeze ministerial out of station allowances, ministerial house allowances and domestic allowance for cabinet and principal secretaries.

9. Stop corruption and theft of public funds.

10. Finally, we ask Ruto to humble himself, withdraw this Bill, offer apology and seek forgiveness from Kenyans for the anxiety caused, then begin afresh.

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