DP Gachagua to Sakaja: We Don’t Want Your High-Speed Decisions

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Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua says Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja is messing up with the interests of the Kikuyu community in Nairobi with his plans of kicking out matatus from the CBD.

Speaking on Monday in Nyeri, DP Gachagua warned the Nairobi Governor against implementing his City Planning department directive that is mooting a matatu transport structuring, that will see some terminus relocated.

“I want Sakaja to note that all decisions that will negatively affect Mt Kenya people in Nairobi must be discussed. I have to be involved. We will not accept anything that troubles our businessmen,” he said.

In a thinly veiled warning to the Nairobi governor, Sakaja Deputy President added, “I told the Nakuru people that their destiny was in their own hands…that they had the full powers to send Mr. Kinyanjui to that forest and they bring back their matatus to town”.

He said that the persecuted Nakuru businessmen heeded his counsel and voted out Mr. Kinyanjui and brought in Ms. Kihika who has gone ahead and allowed the investors back to town.

“I am in full support of Ms. Kihika even when she is being troubled here and there by court cases…I will stand with her because she is our good daughter,” he said.

Mr. Gachagua said he will ensure Sakaja slows down to adopt a consensus position on how to treat Kikuyu business people.

”We do not want his high speed in making decisions and I have summoned him for a sitting…It is a no for any of his decisions that might have negative effect on our people. We made you governor and we are vigilant on our interests” and “we must get involved in those decisions that have an effect on our people,” he said.

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