All Ruto boys Talk about in Nyanza is the Opposition and Chaos in their Government

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First, it was Kithure Kindiki the CS for the Interior who spends most of his time taking pictures, who pretended to apologize to their king William Ruto that yes the Kenya police killed many Kenyans during the opposition rallies last week.

Kenyans know Ruto ordered his police force to go kill them during the demos. The one thing that became scary for the Ruto regime is the organized murder and shooting of Luo folks along the Kericho-Kisumu border.

That is the stuff that reminds Kenyans of the 2007/8 wars and massacres in the country and specifically in the Rift Valley region. Nobody wants to go back there but this is the Ruto government which seems to be headed down that route by all their actions so far. It is scary for the country.

At a time when Ruto is collecting all Luo political renegades and running around with three lucky Luo appointees to government jobs, the last thing Ruto can handle is tribal warfare between the Luos and the Kalenjins as occurred at Sondu where Kenya police working with tribalist leaders just attacked and shot people.

Then it was the Langata MP Jalang’o begging Ruto to talk to Raila before his political life is finished by Azimio. Ruto is looking at him and asking himself where the heck did I get this guy from?

Phelix Odiwuor Khodhe, known as Jalang’o is a nice guy who is the MP for Langata, and his biggest problem right now is that he probably doesn’t know where Langata constituency is at this time. Is Jalang’o doing anything for his constituents?

Instead of asking Ruto to save him from Raila, he should be asking Ruto to save him from the Langata voters who are going to kick him out at the earliest opportunity. ODM gave the Langata seat to Jalang’o. It was a mistake that the voters of Langata will fix soon enough.

How about Mr. Wherever You Are We are with you, known as the man of beans in Nyanza. He has to compete for daily pictures in the media against the likes of Kindiki, Gachagua, and now Omollo. Ababu is on Tik Tok with Millicent Omanga and others. It is a very tough job working for Ruto because you have to do nothing and do that in media pictures every day.

The biggest joker in Kenyan politics today other than William Ruto himself is this tired voice in Nyanza, Eliud Owalo the former ODM big guy who saw money and grabbed it from Ruto. Now Ruto has Owalo in his pocket and that means Miguna is dead as far as being in the Ruto regime is concerned. That DPP job for Miguna is not coming because Owalo would jump into Lake Victoria in protest. It is just a quagmire for Ruto trying to capture ODM rejects.

Then Ruto is off to Bondo which is my home town and he is very welcome there as any other Kenyan. Gideon Ochanda the Bondo MP must be running around all over the place to find a school for Ruto to donate a bus. Good.

I will be talking to my business friends and family in Bondo Town to see what Ruto and Ochanda will bring to us. We will be very receptive as citizens and working people for our country.

So far it is nothing but groveling by ODM MPs. It is kind of sad but not surprising. It is kind of a joke and a bad one at that.

The ODM MPs attended the ceremony to show their solidarity with President Ruto and his Kenya Kwanza government.

The MPs included MPs Caroli Omondi (Suba South), Gideon Ochanda (Bondo), Elisha Odhiambo (Gem), Paul Abuor (Rongo), Felix Odiwuor (Lang’ata), Tom Ojienda (Kisumu) and Mark Nyamita (Uriri).

Ochanda told the Luo community to embrace the Kenya Kwanza government to revive the economy of the region.

He asked President Ruto not to stop working with the people from the region despite the majority of them supporting ODM leader Raila Odinga.

“Help us revive the Nyanza economy so that our people can realize development,” Ochanda said.

Caroli said they have some development projects which need to be revived in Luo Nyanza. He argued that the projects can be implemented by the national government.

The craziest thing is that none of these Ruto boys can name any one development project they are doing in Nyanza. That is because they are doing nothing for those who voted for them. They are dead politically and they know it. Good.

One great news for me is that William Ruto will visit Mageta Island in Yimbo just off Usenge Town. I know Mageta personally because I was a teacher at Usenge High School and we used to visit Mageta Island often. It is completely isolated Island and you cannot get there except through the lake.

That is why I was so thrilled to see that Usenge High School football team is competing for the national championship this year. That is my home. And then Nyamira Girls High School where I was a teacher after I finished secondary school before going to Usenge after High School. But Usenge is ready now. You want to be the new Green Commandos from Kakemega? Bring it on. About now is a good time.

Look at this footballer. He looks like Caicedo the great midfielder my favourite team Chelsea wants to sign. These guys could play together. Caicedo is 21 years old. Brigthon Albion in the Premier League got him for $ 4 million two years ago from Ecuador his home country where he plays for the national team. Now he is worth more than $ 100 million and teams are dying to get him.

He can defend and come with the ball. Nobody has any clue what else he is going to be able to do in the football field from here only 21 years old.

How about the Usenge High School kids playing great High School football? What shot do they have to the big leagues?

I am happy for Usenge High School in what they are achieving right now. It feels good to be associated with that school as our home in many ways.

This new Usenge High School administration and their students are doing a great job and they should be very proud of themselves. More is coming and that is great for the school, the students and the communities they work with. Cheers and Cheers.

Usenge Deputy Principal Bishop Joseph Walwenda during an interview with the Standard Sports.

I was a teacher at Usenge High School twice. First after I left High School in Kakamega and some of my students joined me at Nairobi University. Then after one year at University I was imprisoned then when I was released from prison in 1983, waiting to go back to college Usenge High School hired me again because the principal knew me and he liked what I did there as a teacher.

That is when I met Patrick Lumumba Otieno (PLO) who was also a teacher at Usenge High School at that time and who comes right from the place as his family home. We worked together there with some great teachers who were our seniors.

Many Kenyans do not know this but Mageta Island was one of the detention centres the British Colonial government used to hold Mau Mau detainees. There were no fences there and the British colonial guards told the detainees that they are free to try to escape by swimming through the lake.

One big problem was that at the lake, hungry crocodiles would be waiting for the escaping detainees either for dinner or breakfast. That was up to the detainees to choose. The crocodiles were just waiting. That is where a good friend of ours later on, Waruru Kanja was detained. He told us the crocodiles were staring at them and waiting and so they just stayed in their detention camps at Mageta Island.

But believe it or not, Mageta Island is one of the most beautiful places in the universe. I know that because I have been there many times. There are very few places like that in this world where we all live. My uncle lives there and I am going to talk to him about getting even one acre of land there for me any my family.

Here is a glimpse of Mageta Island.

From all indications, Ruto really doesn’t know what to do about the “Maandamanos”

On maandamano, we must have candid conversation- Ruto

President William Ruto has said the nation needs to have a candid conversation on what demonstrations should entail. 

Though the Head of State recognised that indeed Kenyans have a right to picket as enshrined in the Constitution, he said the country cannot ignore the fact that the demos have come with losses. 

“We must have a conversation ndo tujue maandamano ni nini. We must have that conversation. We cannot continue to bury our heads in the sand that we are exercising the right to demonstrate when we are actually causing anarchy, mayhem and destroying our country. We must have a candid conversation about what amounts to demonstration,” Ruto said.  

He spoke on Saturday during the homecoming ceremony of Interior PS Raymond Omollo in Homa Bay County.  

Ruto said the country cannot continue using the excuse of demos to destroy public and private property, businesses and cause chaos and anarchy.

“That is not what the constitution of Kenya envisaged when they provided for the matter of picketing or demonstrating,” Ruto said. 

As the Head of State, Ruto said he will not allow anyone to use the right to picket as enshrined in the constitution to destroy property and cause deaths. 

He added that politics are driven by policies and not demos. 

He assured that the government will mobilise every resource to protect the property, lives and interests of every Kenyan moving forward. 

“Sisi wote tuketi chini tukubaliane kwa maandamano, tyres ngapi zitachomwa, magari ngapi itachomwa, ni maafa ngapi ndio tuseme maandamano imefanyika (We must agree on how many tyres will be burnt, how many cars will be set on fire and how many people will die for us to call it a demonstration).”

Ruto said he respects everyone but when it comes to demos, everyone has their duty. 

He said he is committed to his duties and that he will deliver. 

“It is not going to be business as usual. We are not going to use provisions of the constitution to cause mayhem and anarchy. The same constitution mandates the government to protect citizens, their lives and property,” he said. 

And Give Me fish Ruto says.

Kenya will no longer import fish, Ruto tells Nyanza

President William Ruto has vowed that the country will no longer import fish from other countries. 

Speaking on Saturday during the homecoming ceremony of Interior PS Raymond Omollo in Homa Bay County, Ruto said that he’s not going to allow the importation as it leads to unemployment. 

“Going forward, no fish is going to come from other countries. Fish will come from Lake Victoria here in Homa Bay and our youths are the ones going to be the ones running the businesses,” Ruto said. 

He further said that his government has invested Sh300 million to develop a fish market in Homa Bay in order to create employment opportunities for fish farmers in the region.

I can already see the fish in our streets for sale. I mean everybody can see that with Ruto’s Sh 300 million investment. Can they NOT? Then Ruto would be very mad.

But there is no 300 million investment here from Ruto but these are fish hustlers and they will get you great food to take home. One day our country will support them and make things better for everybody.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and  Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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