A Frightened Ruto Government Is All over Doing Nothing

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William Ruto had no clue running a government can be this difficult particularly when Kenyans are out in the streets telling him they will not take nonsense from him.

“Waziri you have the marching orders and you know what you must do so that in three years every household has a subsidized cooking gas, both in terms of cost of the cylinder – we want to see whether we can give the cylinder for free or charge a minimal fee,” Ruto said today after announcing that he is removing taxes from cooking gas. Exactly how much money will that save for cooking gas users? Nobody knows, including Ruto himself.

It is just for him to say oh look I am doing something about the cost of living. In any event, you need some food to cook and many Kenyans don’t have that in the first place. Giving cooking gas or cheaper gas cylinder to someone in Turkana and other places where people are starving to death makes no difference to them.

People need affordable food before they can cook it. And does Ruto even know that millions of Kenyans do not even have that cooking gas cylinder because they don’t even have livable houses in the first place? Can Kenyans line up in the streets to get gas cylinders and cook on the roadside while carrying their gas cylinders with them? Maybe they can even sleep inside those gas cylinders. Very warm and nice that could be.

If you want to know how confused Ruto is, here is a statement about fuel and energy prices he made just a few days ago.

“Power subsidies were politically motivated to make Kenyans vote a certain way [in the August 9, 2022, presidential election. There was no economic sense in it. Some Sh25 billion was being spent on fuel and power subsidies monthly. We did not have the money to cater for the subsidies; we were borrowing it locally or externally,” said the Head of State in a joint media interview at State House, Nairobi on January 4, 2023.

“Today the economy of Kenya has stabilized, and I want to assure all our citizens that we will not go back to reckless borrowing, we will not go back to subsidies that benefit brokers, cartels, and people who are politically correct.”

He added: “The subsidies were benefiting only a few people, and Kenyans were still experiencing a high cost of living.”

So what changed in a few days that Ruto now wants to go back to some of the subsidies he was condemning, even if it means giving some minor inconsequential cooking gas relief that will make no difference for any Kenyan?

Well, the streets are talking loud and clear to Ruto, and while he likes to pretend that he doesn’t care. He knows Kenyans mean business when they say they are not putting up with a government that has thrown them to the ditch and is busy saving billionaire thieves who grab public money and are now being pumped into the government to steal more.

Ruto was deep in the Moi government when mass action turned their government on its head and on its way out of power. There is a reason people like the clown DP Gachagua are obsessed with nonsense 24/7. One day the DP tells Kenyans that the Ruto government has its own shareholders who own the government, the people of Kenya, and our national property and wealth as a country. The next day Gachagua is telling us how the AU fired Raila. How is that even his business?

Gachagua is terrified of the demos Kenyans are holding throughout the country and in his little mind, if there is anything there, he thinks trying to attack Raila will stop the demos. For the most part, Gachagua is so foolish that it is tempting to ignore him but if he can’t shut his mouth, Kenyans are going to shut it for him. That will be a big favor to him because every time he opens his mouth something very stinky comes out of it.

Meanwhile, the other big boy working for Ruto is very busy getting some government office for his wife and would care less for Kenyans. How does the country deserve this form of madness?

Prof. Makau Mutua has now asked Ruto and his government to go further.

I would be terrified if the Ruto Cabinet Members start demanding that not only should their wives have government offices but also offices for the sex workers with whom they spend more time than their wives. That could be 5-10 additional offices for each of them. That is next when the government has more money than they know what to do with. Good Lord have mercy.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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