17 year old Limuru girl fights rapist in moving car to save her life

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A 17-year-old schoolgirl on Wednesday escaped death by a whisker after a car driven by her rapist veered off the road and landed in a tea plantation as she struggled to save her life. Police reports indicate on May 12th, together with another girl, a primary school pupil, the victim was offered a lift by the 34-year-old man who was heading to Limuru Town from Kabuko area.

After dropping the primary school pupil at St Pauls University, the suspect drove to a nearby plantation, adjacent to Nazareth Hospital and defiled the young girl, before threatening to kill her by injecting her with poison, if she screamed or put up a fight.

After finishing his brutality on the helpless girl, the man rerouted his car and started driving back towards Limuru town, with the girl who was seated on the co-drivers seat.

The perpetrator

Aware of the impending danger, the victim gathered courage and grabbed the vehicle’s steering wheel, after spotting workers in a nearby tea plantation, making it veer off the road and land in a ditch next the plantation.

While in the ditch, and engine still roaring, the girl grabbed the vehicle’s ignition keys, kicked the passenger door open, before bolting out screaming for help.

Her screams caught the attention nearby of tea-pickers on a nearby farm, who then rushed to the scene to confront the suspect. However, officers from the Tigoni police station arrived in time to rescue the man from an irate crowd that was baying for his blood.

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