William Ruto on his painful Saba Saba moments in the hands of President Uhuru

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William Ruto was on a huge crying mission on July 7, 2022 night when he talked to KTN and also answered some questions from members of the audience.

Kenyans commemorate theSaba Saba Day as one of the most horrible days and the toughest in the history of their country as they went toe to toe with the Moi police, GSU, and other private state thugs to fight for an end to dictatorship and mass tortures in the country.

Saba Saba day activities is when Moi knew it was just a matter of time before one-party rule was over and Kenyans free themselves from his clutches.

Kenyans were fighting for free elections after Moi had been in power for twelve years and even introduced mlolongo voting in 1988 where voters lined up and Moi just took their cards and counted them as his votes.

The Saba Saba rally took place one day after two of the most prominent political figures in the multi-party movement, Kenneth Matiba, and Charles Rubia were arrested.

Kenyans took to the streets knowing fully well that some will be killed there and many will be injured and arrested but they were not putting up with the dictatorship anymore.

That is a big part of the struggle that led Kenya to free itself from the Moi chains and by 1992 Kenya became a multi-party state and it took another ten years to finally dispose the dictatorship in the 2002 elections when Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga led NARC to power.

Now another twenty years later in 2022, the country has a big battle in its hands to ensure that we as a country will not allow the remnants of that dictatorship to grab our country and take us back to what they enjoyed with their king.

From the way their boss is talking that is exactly their plan. They talk about fighting state capture but that is what they want to do. Ruto and his boys want to capture that state power once again like they had with Moi. But the interview was a crying day for the UDA leader.

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William Ruto today told Kenyans he has suffered so badly in the hands of Uhuru Kenyatta that no other Kenya leader could have copped with his traumas in the hands of Uhuru Kenyatta.

“I have been a very patient person, the kind of humiliation that I have been subjected to by my boss nobody could have taken it. If it was for example Raila or Martha Karua they would could not have handled it” he said.

Ruto said he would not wish to engage Uhuru in a war of words adding that he tried not doing so but the President has been pushing him to the corner.

“Honestly, on the public spat between me and my boss, I regret the matter reaching here where we take on each other publicly. But I have restrained myself so much. If I tell you what I have gone through in the last four years, Raila or Karua would have taken more drastic actions,” he said in an interview with KTN on Thursday.

The second in command went forward to dismiss the claims that he had insulted his boss saying that he has tried his best to restrain himself from responding to the ‘insults directed against him by President Kenyatta’

As a person who faced the Moi killers at the Nyayo House Torture Chambers in 1986 after the Special Branch police grabbed me from Mombasa Polytechnic where I was a lecturer I know a few things about what the likes of Kenneth Matiba, Raila Odinga, Charles Rubia, Gitobu Imanyara and many others faced in the hands of the vicious forces that were ready to take your life any minute.

So I am thinking does Uhuru have torture chambers at State House where he puts people in frozen water for weeks where you have to pee in the water? We used to call them swimming pools. Luckily because you are not allowed any food while in the swimming pool you may be saved from having to poo on your mattress which is the water covering the whole floor up to your knees.

Some of my colleagues died from the torture and the most well-known was that of Peter Karanja a businessman from Nakuru who was also a budding rally driver. His case just blew our hearts apart. And he died in chains at Kenyatta Hospital where the torture cops brought him after 26 days at Nyayo Torture House. They chained him in a hospital bed as he died even after the doctors told the cops that the man was lifeless.

According to expert sources at the autopsy: The feet, lower legs, thighs and arms were covered with septic ulcers. There was “extremely severe pneumonia” in both lungs. There was evidence of severe internal bleeding before death, and the tissue that holds the upper and lower intestine in position was torn. There was blood in the fluid found in the lungs.

Karanja’s arrest and death, which remain unexplained by police, are part of a pattern of mysterious arrests and disappearances that have accompanied a year-old crackdown by the government on suspected political dissidents.

Just so people know, septic ulcers is what you get from the cold water swimming pool. The water is very cold and they lock you in that pool behind a locked door for weeks. It carries human waste so it is like a septic tank. And Peter Karanja had the worst of everything in there for 26 days.

Why was Uhuru subjecting Ruto to such humiliating and terrible acts of torture? Which prison did Uhuru take Ruto to go spend a few days eating pure garbage and getting beat up and even injected with dirty needles? In Kamiti I was horrified when they called us to the open space and their medics come with needles to inject us saying it will help us avoid germs.

The prison medics and cops were using the same needle to inject about ten people at a time without changing the needle. And it was at the peak of HIV-AIDS infections. As soon as they injected you it was like your life is done. That is what freedom fighters in Kenya had to put up with for two decades under Moi and it all started in 1983.

My idea was that if Uhuru is subjecting Ruto to that kind of treatment I am ready to go to war for the man. Poor William doesn’t need or deserve anything like that.

But what was the torture and trauma Ruto received from Uhuru? One he refused to go to some alleged reconciliation meeting to be arranged by the clergy to bring the two together.

Also, Uhuru had shaken hands with Raila Odinga to try to bring the country together and the pain Ruto suffered about that was just unbearable.

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How could Uhuru subject him to such ordeal, never mind that the same Ruto was in ODM with Raila in 2006 election battles against Kibaki and in fact the same Uhuru? It was okay for Ruto to work with Raila but Uhuru doing that at a critical time for the country is a criminal offense as far as Ruto is concerned. And it was all intended to punish him.

As far as Kenyans can see the biggest pain Ruto has suffered is to get paid billions for all these years while doing nothing but campaigning and maligning his boss. Oh, the horror of having a government-paid castle in Karen provided with everything like security, food, and a budget that can feed a whole county.

Of course, the suffering Ruto turned that public place into his private campaign office so he doesn’t have to go out and rent meeting places.

And this bad government insisted on giving Ruto helicopters, gazillion state-of-the-art cars, and all other assets. William Ruto was also tortured with a state budget of his office which is in billions of Kenyan taxpayer money.

Who on earth but the tough and gracious William Ruto can put up with that kind of torture? That is Uhuru’s eternal sin in Ruto’s book and he better be careful because Bwana Asifiwe claims to have contacts upstairs where some want to go after they are dead. That door may be closed permanently for Uhuru Kenyatta after subjecting the chosen one to such trauma.

Ruto on the other hand needs to seek help for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) treatment and he can sue Uhuru for causing him such serious health conditions. That is his right under the laws of our country. I did that against the Kenya government and won my case in March 2014.

And one last thing. When did Kenya Kwanza Alliance change their name from Kenya Kwisha to Raila Kwanza Alliance?

Every single one of their leaders from Ruto, to Wetangula to Mudavadi and now even Muturi seems to wake up thinking “what can I say about Raila today”.

That seems to be the only way for these people to get any attention. And the Azimio leaders were in Kirinyaga on the same day talking about the economy, building the education system, promoting women rights in Kenya, and talking about agriculture in some very well-attended rallies.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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