Record High: Uhuru’s investment in Healthcare the biggest in history

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At the onset of his second term, President Uhuru made it clear to the nation that his regime would be entirely focused on the Big Four Agenda – with Healthcare as one of its pillars.

Five years later in 2022, Uhuru Kenyatta seems to have broken a record by becoming the first Head of State to not only build the highest number of health facilities but also make the biggest ever investment in Kenya’s healthcare.

Under the Healthcare pillar, the Jubilee government after 2017 was to ensure every person in the country is listed in a health insurance scheme. It was President Kenyatta’s regime’s intention from the jump to get every Kenyan accessing quality healthcare, no matter where they are in the country.

In the last decade, the Head of State has done more to secure the country’s Health System than the previous three administrations combined.

A quick spot-check into a number of government intiatives reveal evidence of this growth- a thing that plays a huge part in creating an empowering environment to help Kenyans grow in years to come. For example, from the country’s revamped cancer treatment centers, Kenyan patients no longer need to spend KSh 10 billion annually seeking treatment for cancer abroad.

Today, the country’s cancer treatment facilities and hospitals with radiotherapy machines are estimated will lower the cost of cancer treatment by about 40 percent.

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Between 1963 to 1978, Kenya only had 1 renal unit with only one dialysis machine. When President Kibaki took over in 2002 the units were 2 and 10 years later, 6. Today, there are 54 renal units.  In 6 years during President Uhuru’s tenure, there has been an increase of 48 renal units.

Because of NHIF, renal and dialysis patients receive free treatments, saving patients Ksh 80,000-160,000 per month per patient. A kidney dialysis patient in a constituency in Siaya can save on transport costs and time taken to go to main referral hospitals in major towns like Kisumu.

With a monthly subscription of Ksh 500, the NHIF SUPA Cover has become Kenya’s largest, most reliable, accessible, and affordable medical insurance cover.

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