Why Indian PM Modi apologized to Raila and Kitui people

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has apologized to Raila Odinga, plus the people of Kitui county after his country failed to honor the promise of giving market green gram farmers from Kenya and Kitui county in particular despite an earlier assurance in 2017.

Speaking on Friday during Narc NDC at the Bomas of Kenya in Nairobi, Azimio Movement leader Raila Odinga said PM Modi personally delivered his apology and explained why his country was not able to keep its promise, while also promising new opportunities for Kenyns going forward.

”Juzi nilikua India. Nilikua na mazungumzo marefu sana na Waziri Mkuu wa India Bwana Mordi. Nikamwambia ulipokuja Kenya ulisema ulitaka ndengu mingi sana. Magavan huko kwetu wakaambia wakulima walime ndengu mingi zaidi. Lakini baadaye, ukasema India ilikua na ndengu ya kutosha,” Odinga said.

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”Gavana wa Ngilu aliniambia she had asked people to plant so much and there was an abundance. Akaniambia poleni sana. However going forward, he has promised me to set up a fund for SMEs and give us grants to empower our youths,” he added.

In 2017, Governor Ngilu ran the promise of Ndengu revolution where she asked residents to plant green grams on a large scale, with a promise of finding a market for their product once she is elected.

The initiative would badly flop and kick off a bitter political debate that led to some leaders in Kitui led by Senator Enoch Wambua accusing the governor of playing mind games with the populace just for votes.

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