Walkathon in Nairobi as High Court Rules to Keep Finance Act 2023 Suspended

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After trying to shoot Raila and his team as they marched in Nairobi on Saba Saba day of action the Ruto boys are now trying to compete with Raila on who can walk faster with their bodyguards. At least you have to feel sad for the DP.

His boss William Ruto is in some country in Africa making speeches about fighting climate change after lifting the ban on logging in Kenya’s national forests so his friends can make billions destroying the country for profit and poor Rigathi has to look busy walking around after chasing some Chief whom he found drinking Chang’aa in Meru. What a job.

One thing needs to be clarified about the Finance Act without any further delays.

As far as the courts have ruled, the Finance Act 2023 is suspended until the full case is determined in court. In reality, the Ruto government has already implemented the Finance Act 2023 and that is why the fuel prices and everything else in the budget are already effective.

Then the Ruto regime is in court telling the judge that they have no money and are losing Sh. 578 million a day because they cannot implement their Finance Act. Which is which and who is lying to Kenyans?

Is the Finance Act 2023 already in effect or is it on hold as ordered by the courts including a new ruling today Monday, July 10, 2023?

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and  Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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