UDA members Accusing Sakaja of Betraying William Ruto

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A section of Nairobi United Democratic Alliance (UDA) members are accusing Johnson Sakaja of betraying President William Ruto following reports the Nairobi governor has appointed members of the Azimio Coalition to the county government.

Appointments making UDA members pout are those of Asha Abdi, appointed as Chief Officer of Finance after serving in the same capacity in Mombasa County under Hassan Joho, and Lucky Ogutu Okudo picked for the Chief Officer, Energy, and Lighting. Ms. Ogutu is accused of fighting for Raila’s victory at the Bomas Of Kenya.

”When you start betraying William Ruto, like Sakaja is doing… You shall know no peace. We will fight you by land, air, water, underworld and overworld. Since we believe in the rule of law, we will lawfully handle you,” a fan page by UDA members tweeted on Thursday evening.

”Sakaja knows Ruto gave home super support to win in Nairobi… Am UDA damn and am happy how Sakaja is uniting Nairobi. He need to be reelected 2027 and remember Nairobi is mostly in Azimio so he is caring about all Nairobians..Stop this nonsense and give Sakaja support to deliver,” a UDA member, Kulova, tweets.

Another, Eric Ngeno, writes, ”80% of Sakajas moves in Nairobi will be defined or countered by ODM, for his survival I think he is doing fine, president Ruto has a max of 10% around the influence of Nairobi, UDA can do what they want but Nairobi is under lock and key.”

Sources from City Hall disclose Governor Sakaja is keen on forging a stronger working relationship with ODM given the numerical strength of the party not only in the assembly but also across Nairobi and needs its backing for his agenda work.

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