Speaker Wetangula: Mass Action Disturbing and Derailing Government from Work

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Speaker of the National Assembly Moses Wetangula says the Azimio Coalition is disturbing government and derailing it from its work with its ongoing mass action rallies and demonstrations across the country.

In a statement on Saturday night, Speaker Wetangula called upon Kenyans to focus on the Kenya Kwanza development plan that he says is set to reduce the high cost of living, and that they (Kenyans) should stop listening to Raila Odinga and Azimio.

”The Azimio camp should forget about their ill plans to obstruct the government from developing the economy of this country. I know soon they will begin to claim that the same government they are disturbing and derailing from work with unconstructive rallies has not delivered,” Speaker Wetangula said.

The Speaker said it was President William Ruto’s duty to serve the people who elected him to the helm of the country’s leadership and asked him to dedicate his time and energy to serving the people by ensuring that he delivers the Kenya Kwanza manifesto promise without being distracted by Raila Odinga.

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