Sack Them All! Senator Khalwale Tells President Ruto

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”I want to tell you that the people you have given jobs have put you in deep trouble. The minister for trade, and energy and your economic advisors must tell Kenyans what they mean… Sack these people so that the fuel prices come down,” Khalwale said.

“We are dealing with several governments and the suppliers of these products. We are likely to be going through even harder times. There is nothing much we can do about it. It is just unfortunate that we do not have our own products,” Chirchir told MPs.

No, there is one big thing the Ruto government can do right now and save Kenyans and the economy as a whole.

Get the 16% VAT out of fuel now that international prices have exploded. That will reduce the price of fuel by 16% and that could lead to the lowest price of fuel ever in Kenya. Why not do that? It can be done in one day even when Ruto is still loitering around in the USA.

You don’t have any other choice my friends and this is not about Okiya Omatatah. It is about Kenyans and their lives. Boda Boda rides are already up and everything else is following the same pattern. What are you waiting for?

Alternatively, Kenyans can just do what Ruto’s Trade Minister Moses Kuria asked them to do which is the William Ruto way for the Kenyan economy.

“If you keep saying fuel prices have hiked from morning to evening…. why not dig your own well? The whole world knows crude oil prices have hiked, if those noisy people have their well, I am ready to dig it so that fuel prices reduce,” Kuria said. 

With these kinds of sickos running the Ruto government, Kenyans are in for a wild ride. It is going to be painful for the republic. Kenyans know that already.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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