Saba Saba is On to Fight for Better Living Conditions for All Kenyans

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As they promised the Azimio team took the next stage of the battle for a free Kenya where citizens can afford to live with dignity and hope to every part of the country.

There were big rallies in Mombasa, in Kisumu and many other parts of the country starting with the mother of the mass action in Nairobi from Kamukunji to the CBD at the heart of Nairobi City.

At Kamukunji in Nairobi, Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Party leader Raila Odinga vowed to marshal up over 10 million signatures to kick-start what he terms as a revolution against President William Ruto’s government.

“Tunaanza hiyo harakati ya kuchukua mamlaka moja kwa moja. Kwanza lazima ijulikane sisi ni wanagpi na ndio maana tunaaza harakati ya kuweka sahihi ili kuonyesha tumechukua hiyo mamlaka chini yetu.”

“Mimi mwenyewe, Raila Amolo Odinga nitaanza hapa hadharani kuweka sahihi na nyinyi nyote mtapata hiyo makaratasi mtaweka masahihi zenu ili kabla ya misho ya wiki ijayo tuwe na zaidi ya sahihi zaidi ya milioni kumi,” he said.

Elsewhere in Mombasa there was also vigorous mass action as Kenyans came out to stand up for themselves against the Ruto regime.

In Nairobi, from Kamukunji the Azimio mass action headed to the CBD and that is when the Ruto thugs also known as the Kenya Police decided to open live fire on the Azimio entourage hitting Raila Odinga’s vehicles seven times with live bullets.

If the police were under instructions to kill Raila and some of the Azimio leadership, they did not succeed but it is becoming obvious to Kenyans all across the country that Kenya now has their own Idid Amin Dada at our State House. His name is William Samoei Ruto. That is our little Amin and I hope he knows what happened to the big Ugandan Amin. Dubai will be waiting.

Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Alliance leader has said they were shot at for no apparent reason.

Speaking after he arrived at Naiorbi’s Central Business District, Raila decried that police officers threw teargas at them even though their procession was peaceful.

He said they were trying to get to Kenya International Conventional Center (KICC).

“We went through Ronald Ngala Road into Moi Avenue. We were actually aiming to get to KICC but they blocked us. That is where they were shooting us,” Raila said.

“It is a very unfortunate situation that we find ourselves in. Because we did not provoke anybody and we were just driving out of Kamukunji.”

Sooner or later they are going to suceed in shooting Raila dead and then we will see how things go from there because one thing Kenyans know is that Ruto is not going to scare Raila into submission. If Moi couldn’t do it with his Special Branch killers, his Nyayo House Torture chambers and detention centres, William Ruto is not going to stop Raila with his live bullets being poured into the vehicles of opposition leaders.

But the massive shooting at opposition leaders that looks like mafia gang operations is going to end with some politicians shot dead and then William Ruto and his killers will get the war they are begging for. Raila is talking about a revolution against the Ruto regime and Ruto with his reckless actions is doing his best to speed up that revolution. He is going to get exactly what he is asking for and as we can see this is the second time this madness of Ruto using live bullets on opposition leaders has happened.

Here is the blowout of Raila’s vehicles in a previous rally. Well that is the Ruto police force for Kenyans. The whole country needs to get ready for the consequences of Ruto’s insanity which he does while sneaking out of the country trying to be clever by half. That crap never works because Kenyans know who controls the police force. The little mouthy watchman Rigathi Gachagua will only do what Ruto asks him to do. Kenyans know that already because they are not stupid.

Let Ruto keep going on with this and he will see the consequences when the time comes. There are limits to political idiocy and thuggery. Kenyans will have the last word on Ruto’s war against the country.

There are people in Kenya Kwanza and others saying Raila Odinga should have negotiations with William Ruto instead of street fights. Can someone explain to Kenyans how you negotiate with someone trying to put a bullet hole in your chest and kill you. Where else in the world has that kind of arrangement happened where opposition leaders and citizens beg violent dictators for negotiations?

Ruto is developing a Taliban government in Kenya where everybody has to do what they want or they are ready to kill you. It is working so well in Afghanistan so maybe Kenyans should try it. I doubt that is the solution to the political and economic problems we face in Kenya today.

Even Ruto’s new friend and one of those twitter heroes in Kenya today, Mutahi Ngunyi had some real tough words for Ruto. That is not Raila speaking.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and  Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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