Ruto’s Concern Now is Whether to Kill the Media or Just Kill Raila. Or Maybe Both

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Our Kenyan media professionals have done a great job for the country under very difficult circumstances. In the Maandamano confrontation between the state and the opposition movement Azimio, the media has been out there to let the citizens and the world know what is happening so that Kenyans can look at it and deal with it hopefully for the betterment of the country.

For that, the media workers have paid a big price including terrible assaults by the police and state-armed thugs.

Today the Kenya Media Sector Working Group has claimed that they have got wind of a plot being hatched to shut down the broadcast media and internet services ahead of the anti-government protests on Monday.

“We have received reports of plans to shut down the broadcast media and the internet and throw the country into information darkness ahead of tomorrow’s demonstrations. This will be most ill-advised assault on Kenyan democracy because it denies the public their right to information,” said Mr. Otieno. 

The KEG boss went on to argue that the media has been given a constitutional mandate to inform the public and that trying to bar the media from administering their role will be breaching the law.

He further alleged that there are intentional attempts to attack media personnel covering the protests and more are being targeted in the unforeseen future.

“However we note with concern the wave of attacks both online and offline meted against media workers in their line of duty,” he said stating that over 20 attack cases have already been reported since the demonstrations began.

“While the safety of journalists should be guaranteed the Kenya media sector working group notes with alarm the increasing number of journalists targeted by law enforcement officers.”

“We call upon them to bring to book the perpetrators behind attacks while ensuring access to effective remedies and compensation to the victims.”

In total, six journalists were injured during Thursday’s protests in different parts of the country, victims of brutality by police.

“We hereby issue a seven-day ultimatum to the DPP to deliver a statement on the status of the investigation and prosecution of those culpable. We also ask the Independent Policing Oversight Authority to update the nation on the status of the investigation of police brutality against journalists,” said Patience Nyange, the executive director of Amwik.

The problem for Ruto and the bunch of clowns who surround him is that when they have no idea about anything, they let their mouths do the work. Ruto and his government talk more about Azimio and Maandamano rallies than Azimio and their leadership. For Azimio, they just announce the rally and let Ruto and his clueless mob promote it with their useless threats.

Ruto’s plan was to keep threatening Kenyans that the government is about to wipe out Raila and Azimio and daring them to come to the streets. Kenyans have responded by telling Ruto and his chaps to meet them in the streets. This time we are hearing Monday is the last day for Raila. How many last days do Raila and Azimio have?

Gachagua: Monday Is Raila’s Last Day of Demonstrations

Come tomorrow, the Rigathis will be hiding in their toilets with shame, or maybe this time they will have the guts to stop attacking media professionals doing their job and go after Raila and Azimio leaders directly. Bring it on is the message Kenyans have sent to Ruto and his noise makers.

Kenyans are ready for anything and everything from the Ruto government.

The threat now from Ruto is that they are going to do something crazy tomorrow to end the demos once and for all. From the looks of it, even Ruto doesn’t have a clue what to do. Kenyans are ready for it. That hasn’t changed one bit.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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