Ruto Claims Uhuru Tried to Kidnap and Murder Chebukati to Rig Elections. Kenya Needs a Public Inquiry into this

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People including presidents can lie and talk nonsense all the time which is what some presidents do for a living, but certain things are out of bounds.

If the President of Kenya today tells Kenyans that he knows the details of a plan to kidnap and murder Chebukati, the former IEBC Chairman in order to rig elections and this was being done by the government of then President Uhuru Kenyatta, then Uhuru is a vile criminal and he will not get away with it.

If on the other hand, President Ruto is lying to Kenyans and cooking up stories of his ex-boss trying to murder people to stop him from being Kenya’s president then Ruto himself is a criminal liar and the bigger issue is, why is he lying about this?

Does Ruto want sympathy from Kenyans as the hero who survived attempts to murder IEBC officials and was then announced as president? Why would Ruto be looking for that? What is he hiding? Why do you have to make up stories that the IEBC survived murder attempts to make you the president?

Speaking at State House in Nairobi on Tuesday, January 17 during a meeting with representatives of commissions and independent institutions, President Ruto said Chebukati remained steadfast despite coercion attempts and delivered fair polls.

“We know that there was a direct attempt to abduct Wafula Chebukati and murder him so that the commission would be paralysed, or a compliant commissioner take over and subvert the people’s sovereignty,” Ruto alleged in his address.

The Head of State said that Chebukati and two other “uncooperative” commissioners – Yakub Guliye and Boya Molu – were promised lucrative financial rewards, but they rejected the enticement.

“We also know that they were, subsequently, threatened with dire consequences for them and their families if they did not do the ‘system’s bidding and overturn the choice of Kenyans. Again, we know that they stood strong and firmly said ‘no,” Ruto said.

DP Gachagua also jumped into the Ruto campaign of vilifying the Uhuru government for trying to stop the new prince which included attempted murder.

This seems to be their new gig to keep election tensions, fighting, and enmity between Kenyans going on and only hell knows for what purpose. But President Ruto and his power brokers have decided this is a big line of politicking for them. What is in it for Kenyans?

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has promised former IEBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati security in retirement.

Speaking on Tuesday, Gachagua said that Chebukati antagonised dangerous and powerful people during his tenure hence the need to be protected.

“As a responsible government, we have made an adequate arrangement that in your retirement you have full protection and security to enjoy your life without fear so that you are safe because those are not good people,” he said.

Gachagua said that Chebukati, Commissioners Boya Molu, and Abdi Guliye stood up for Kenyans.

The obvious issue coming out here is that Ruto has decided that in his effort to legitimize himself to Kenyans as their president, he needs to revisit the chaotic election mess at Bomas where the votes were being counted and to glorify Chebukati, former chairman of the IEBC and the man who declared him the winner of the presidential elections in a dubious counting and verification process, where the same Chebukati was hiding the numbers from the commissioners except for two of them namely; Abdi Guliye and Moya Molu.

These people are being portrayed by the Ruto regime as the saviours of Kenyan democracy and election system while many Kenyans know them as the paid scam bugs of the IEBC who handed over power to those who paid them. Why Ruto is so busy reviving these election problems and fights that many Kenyans simply want to put behind them is something for Kenyans to think about.

The obvious issue here is that President Ruto is very eager to put in his place his own IEBC to protect his kingdom for a long time to come. Already Ruto is trying to bury the Cherera Four, who are the commissioners who stood by the electoral laws of Kenya which require the chairman of IEBC to present the final presidential election results to the seven commissioners and get a majority vote.

Chebukati just hid the results from everybody then his two puppets with handed the presidency to William Ruto.

That matter went to the Supreme Court and Kenyans hold different opinions about the Supreme Court verdict including people like me who have given an F to Chief Justice Martha Koome plus the commissioners who did not even bother to ask direct questions to the four commissioners who rejected the results. But we have no time to waste whining about Martha Koome and the Supreme Court. Kenyans have a life to live and history will judge Koome and her team.

But Ruto wants to set up his new commission and the best way for him to do that is to demonize the commissioners who rejected the results and introduce Kenyans to the saints who saved the country so Ruto can go out there and find new Chebukatis, Guliyes, and Molus. T

hat is the game in town and we get it. If that means Ruto has to malign the former president and demonize him as a killer and basically a thug it matters very little to William Ruto. He is a man on a mission to pick his own IEBC.

As a matter of fact, just some days ago President Ruto told Kenyans how the former DCI Chief George Kinoti working for his boss President Uhuru Kenyatta killed hundreds of people in a “container of death” parked in a police station near State House and later dumped the bodies in hidden places around the country.

So now we have Uhuru the mass murderer in “container of death” and the criminal who plotted to kidnap and kill the IEBC chairman Mr. Wafula Chebukati and then we have Prince William Ruto saving Kenya from all that mayhem.

That is the new script and it is time to tell President Ruto that he has no capacity to protect murderers like Uhuru if what he is saying is true. At the same time, Kenyans will not accept or tolerate a sitting president bellowing vicious lies to demonize his alleged enemies while trying to build a monarchy for himself in Kenya.

The allegations regarding the IEBC have to be taken to a Public Inquiry so that Kenyans can get to the bottom of what is happening in our country.

And to make things even more straightforward for Kenyans, the former IEBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati has himself asked for a public inquiry on what happened during the elections and the announcement of results.

This is on top of the affidavit filed at the Supreme Court when the election outcome was challenged, Chebukati accused NSAC members of coercing him to tinker with the results and force a runoff, a request he says he turned down.

According to Chebukati, the inquiry will be crucial in ensuring the independence of the polls body is respected and averting incidents of abuse of power.

Based on what Chebukati himself has raised instead of going on a feasting festival on wild statements, lies, and falsehoods perpetrated by President Ruto and his cohorts, Kenyans deserve an independent public inquiry to find out what exactly happened and how to avoid that in future.

The last thing Kenyans want to deal with is a barrage of accusations and threats from politicians from both sides to promote their own political interests while breeding enmity and distrust between Kenyans.

I am glad the Azimio team has not jumped into this new theatre of the absurd from Ruto where everybody points one finger at alleged murderers while four fingers point at them.

Most Kenyans were very ready to put the election and its contested results behind them but once the president brings up the issue of attempted murders and serious criminal activities involved we cannot bury that and leave them as romours.

When the President talks about ‘Bribery, Blackmail, And Assassinations…’ as plans that were in place in the elections at least one hopes that he expects Kenyans to believe him. But if he is just ropokaring for his political convenience, it is a terrible abuse of his responsibilities and may bring into question whether he is really fit to be the president of our republic.

Pathological lying for political convenience is not an asset anybody expects from their president even if it is a complete banana republic which hopefully Kenya is not at the moment.

It is insane for William Ruto to invent attempted murders while the brutal murder of Chris Msando, an IEBC official who was killed under his watch in 2017 remains unresolved because the likes of Ruto who were possibly involved in that murder do not want Kenyans to know what happened.

Can Kenya investigate real murders of electoral officers before our president invents his fake murder plots to advance his personal goals?

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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