Raila: It is Back to the Streets if Ruto Fails to Lower Unga to 100, Cost of Fuel and Electricity

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Principals of the Azimio Coalition met on Tuesday to deliberate further on the development since last Sunday when President Ruto and Raila Odinga agreed on a bipartisan approach to solving issues raised by Mr. Odinga.

The meeting held in Nairobi reiterated Azimio’s commitment to the envisaged dialogue between the parties and reiterated their determination to see all the issues addressed.

However, the coalition is warning President Ruto that should he fail to show any signs of seriousness in resolving the current impasse, they (Azimio) will go back to the streets if its bare minimum is not addressed.

Among the issues Mr. Odinga says cannot wait is the high cost of living, lowering the price of unga to Sh 100, and stopping any attempts to raise the cost of fuel and electricity.

”We emphasize that all the issues we have laid out in Public carry equal weight to us although high cost of living must be addressed urgently. In this regard we resolved that the regime must take immediate steps to bring back the cost of unga to Kshs. 100 as at the time of the election,” Raila Odinga said at a press conference in Nairobi after the meeting with Azimio leaders.

”We further resolved that Kenya Kwanza must take immediate steps to lower the cost of fuel and put a freeze on the recent increase in cost of electricity. These are not matters for a committee,” Mr. Odinga added.

Mr. Odinga, who was flanked by Kalonzo Musyoka, Martha Karua, and Eugene Wamalwa, among other leaders, further implored the state to immediately take up the cost or waive all medical bills of the victims of police brutality including journalists, and the last expense costs of those who lost their lives.

Today’s meeting also differed with State House’s approach of a purely parliamentary process, which Azimio says may not serve the intended ends.

The Raila-led coalition is suggesting a conversation at the national level through a process akin to the 2008 National Accord. To this end, the coalition proposes a team drawn from its ranks both in Parliament and outside Bunge.

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