Raila and Joho can never part ways, MP Mishi Mboko

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Likoni MP Mishi Mboko says Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho’s quest for the presidency must never be misconstrued to mean the ODM deputy leader plans to ditch Raila Odinga. Speaking in Mvita, in presence of Mr. Odinga and Governor Joho, Ms. Mboko said there will never be any divisions in ODM over the presidential ticket and that the two leaders will stick together to the end.

”Those saying Joho and Baba are drifting apart are dreaming. Those thinking there will be a separation between these two leaders, there will be no separation. They will have a decision and we will go into 2022 in one voice,” she said.

On his part, Joho told Kenyans he is firmly in the race to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2022 and will do all he takes to convince the party’s delegates for the ODM presidential ticket.

”I want you to all know. In 2022 I will be counted. I will join hands with other leaders to form a government to respond to the needs of the people of Kenya. A good leader is one who listens to and solves the problems of his people. You will see and Raila forming government next year,” Governor Joho said.

However, when he rose to speak, Mr. Odinga steered clear off the debate and instead hit out at DP William Ruto who he accused of stealing millions of shillings from the taxpayer and donating the monies back to churches, youth organizations, and women groups.

”These are the hyenas that you see that come here in sheep’s clothing they claim they want to fundraise for women groups… people will say this person is generous and he fears God because he’s helping the churches, the women groups and the youth groups but you are bought with your money that they have stolen,” Odinga stated.

“Where does he get the millions from? No one questions where this money is from. These are thieves who should be in Shimo la Tewa but they are walking all over in helicopters… when we get in government we will jail all these people,” he added.

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