President Ruto does not Know what to Do. What a Pity and Sad situation for Kenyans

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William Ruto seems to be running two or three governments at the same time and for the most part none at all.

The big government is his Bwana Asifiwe regime with him Rachel and Gachagua praying every day for everything that Kenyans need. So far their god has been very rude to them because he is not delivering anything to Kenyans as Ruto keeps making his demands to their god.

The second government is run by Moses Kuria issuing orders and threats to Kenyans every day and his boss says nothing about his madness. Obviously, Kuria’s insanity reflects what the government he worked for is all about.

Today the Agriculture CS Linturi who has been hiding under some rock on the maize issue distanced himself from the sentiments of Trade CS Moses Kuria on maize importation.

Linturi said he is the custodian of how much food is needed and how much is the deficit.

“So I will not answer to what is being reported in the social media,” he said.

“Hold your horses because I want to give you a position that I am ready to defend. I need to have statistics before I can answer that.”

The CS said that he will file a more comprehensive statement on national food security.

“I will give a more comprehensive report on the national food status at a later date when I have all the data. Relax, you will have food,” Linturi said. Then Mudavadi jumped in.

Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi has said the order to import maize should have originated from the Ministry of Agriculture and not the Trade docket.

Mudavadi said Kuria should let Agriculture CS Mithika Linturi deal with the maize importation issue.

“The issue of importation of maize should be guided by a survey from the Ministry of Agriculture to find out if there is a deficit of grains, that is a policy that must be well electioneered,” he said.

“It is the Agriculture docket that will issue an importation order after looking at the food situation in the country.”

Kuria had said the government will allow the importation of 10 million bags of duty-free maize.

“GMO and non-GMO maize will be imported in the next six months,” he said.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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