Panic inside DP’s camp as Odinga goes for the Hustlers vote

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With almost a year to the August 2022 general elections, leading presidential contenders are shaping up their campaign agenda, with the two leading contenders, Raila Odinga and William Ruto leaving nothing to chances as they pursue the hustlers vote.

Over the past few days, Mr. Odinga has given Kenyans a snippet of what to expect in his presidential campaign manifesto, as he makes his fifth stab to the presidency next year.

Wafule Buke, a former official in the Orange Democratic Movement says the ODM leader is putting in place practical, elaborate, and concrete plans for the lowly which will be a major part of his 2022 agenda, just like it has been in previous presidential polls of 2007, 2013 and 2017.

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”Social justice, politics of change, concern for the lowly, that has been our brand of politics for eons. For them, it’s a fashion, for us its life and a mission. This is what led to formation of KPU in the first place. Raila is reclaiming what is rightfully his,” the ODM leader ally tells a local publication.

”In history, whenever we push them to a corner, conservatives adopt our agenda and run us out of town so that they can create political monopoly. We have compromised too much in the process and this time round we are going for what is ours; change,” Buke adds.

Yesterday,Mr. Odinga noted the country needs clear parallel education paths where those who wish to proceed to university after high school should be allowed to do so, while those who want to proceed to vocational training encouraged to do the same.

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”In the recent years, the Ministry of Education has made some good strides in promoting skills education. But there is little or no effort to channel those skills once students leave school. The human resource body should deal with this. More importantly, we need a concerted campaign against the societal mind-set that takes a dim view of skilled manual workers,” the former PM explained.

After Jubilee Party took an oath office for its final in office in 2017, DP William Ruto started fashioning himself as the spokesperson of the unemployed youth and the ‘peasantry’, a narrative he intends to use in getting the presidential vote next year August.

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