Palestinians Need And Deserve Their Country

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These are Israel bombs hitting residential homes in Gaza as a response to a devastating Hamas incursion into Southern Israel, which as of now has led to the death of more than 600 citizens of Israel, with thousands injured and close to 100 or more prisoners of war taken by Hamas to Gaza Strip.

It is just a terrible situation and I don’t care which political position you belong to. Nobody should terrorize citizens the way Hamas did and killed so many people in Southern Israel and nobody has the right to Israel’s air raids in Gaza, razing down apartments with so many children and mothers dead already.

Is this the best the UN, the US, and others can do? Tell Israel okay, Hamas attacked you now go and kill about 10,000 Palestinians in Gaza and everything is settled. How nice that feels. Maybe for them.

Israel Air Bombs on civilian homes in Gaza killing so many families.
Israeli bombs flow in Gaza trying to wipe out the entire population.

The world is just witnessing the biggest murder operation on civilians live on TV as Israel takes Gaza hostage and kills people in numbers never seen in human history in just a couple of days. That is coming. As of right now, the Israeli government has imposed a complete blockade of Gaza as the Defense minister announces ‘complete siege’ of Gaza: No power, food or fuel.

Kill them all, starting with the children seems to be the order of the Israeli government to their army on the Palestinians in Gaza. That job is being done ruthlessly well as we speak. It is horrifying but this is what Israel is doing in front of the whole world with the support of the US government.

Meanwhile, President Joe Bidden is as busy as Prime Minister Netanyahu in promoting and of course financing and arming the massacre of children and civilians in Gaza.

If this horrible mess ends up in the ICC as it should, the leaders of Hamas should be held accountable for the terrible crimes in Israel, and Netanyahu and Joe should equally be charged with crimes against humanity for ordering the mass murder going on in Gaza as we speak.

Here is Biden cheering Netanyahu and sending weapons from the White House on October 10, 2023.

Joe Biden displays his call with Benjamin Netanyahu on how the killings are going on in Gaza on October 10, 2023.

Forget the hostages, just kill, seems to be their common stand.

Right now the big mission for Israel and the US in Gaza is to wipe out as many of those Gaza children as possible. It is a good strategy for them because if they can eliminate all the children in Gaza, then Hamas will not have new members in the future. So just kill the kids with their parents. Problem solved. That is what Netanyahu and Biden are working on very successfully right now.

Parents and community members pick up bodies of families including children bombed to death by the Israeli government on October 9, 2023 in Gaza.

Are these the Hamas fighters Israel claims to be killing?

The question is how was the Hamas incursion into Israel even possible on October 7, 2023? Gaza is a big concentration camp of about 3 million Palestinians. In that place, you can’t even fish in the sea at the shores of their land. They are given about ten yards or something like that and the rest of the sea is blockaded by Israeli sea marine forces so that Israel has the entire Mediterranean sea line for themselves.

And then they come out barely with T-shirts and sandals to tell the world they exist by capturing several Israeli military and police institutions. How the heck did they do it? That is part of history that will be talked about for generations. You can have a very dangerous world when people have nothing to lose. That is what we are seeing in Gaza. How long will this last?

What is the Solution?

Everybody from Netanyahu to Bidden and all world leaders are saying Israel has a right to defend itself. Yes, they have as many other people and countries. Do the Palestinians in Gaza also have a right to defend themselves? The US is promising that they will back Israel with arms to kill Palestinians. Israel already has those arms. Has that solved anything?

Great Cheers to Ahed Tamimi. The world knows about her.

Here is the story of that brave Palestinian kid.

Now let us dare to offer solutions to this complete tragedy.

Settle the war in two weeks or so as the first step.

Step two is to negotiate a prisoner exchange so that the 85-year-old Israeli woman held hostage in Gaza can go back home. Let the kids and moms go back to Israel.

In exchange, Gaza and all of Palestine should ask for the release of Marwan Barghouti on one condition. That Barghouti goes straight to Gaza and negotiates a deal for an end to military confrontation and release of prisoners of war from Gaza and all Palestinians in Israeli jails in exchange.

Only Marwan Barghouti can pull that deal which everybody needs on both sides and help bring peace to the region. Get him out of jail now.

There were so many Palestinians who were relieved when Marwan Barghouti was arrested and jailed by the Israeli government. The Palestinians were scared the Israelis would just shoot him to death. The Israelis too were happy they had Marwan in jail for 14 life sentences.

Who is Marwan Barghouti?

He may be the future of peace in the 56-year-old war between Israel and the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. Some people call Marwan the next Mandela.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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