Nobody Cares How You Have Sex. Why Do You Care How Others Do It?

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“I’m a man of God. Even though we respect the Supreme Court, our religions and cultures do not allow a woman to marry a fellow woman or a man a fellow man.

We cannot go to the streets to demand that they be allowed to marry. This can happen elsewhere but it will not happen in Kenya,” the President added.

Kenyan politicians are on a rampage against a ruling by the Supreme Court to allow LGBTQ organizations to register within the NGOs in Kenya. For me, the issue is why did this matter even have to go to the Supreme Court.

The NGO Board is a very repressive institution in our country. We know that because the Board is appointed by the government and we have fought them many times just to have human rights groups registered in Kenya.

Now we have a bunch of Kenyan politicians screaming about how terrible it is to even have LGBTQ registered in Kenya. That is fine. They can cry all they want and nobody cares. The real problem is that all these politicians are talking about sex. A man should not have sex with another man and a woman should not have sex with another woman.

They claim that is what God ordered. First of all, nobody wants to have sex with God. Maybe the politicians do that but ordinary Kenyans do not have that privilege or chance. So how God has sex is his own concern and joy. Get it going God.

Can our politicians tell Kenyans how they have sex with their wives and other sex partners they do it with? Maybe they can provide Kenyans with pictures and videos of how they do that and everybody can follow the routine. There are many ways people have sex as far as I know. Let the politicians give us the book on that.

Then we have the Church telling us about the evils of same-sex relationships. The last time I heard anything about sexual abuse it was the Catholic Church priests sexually abusing little kids (boys) who were pretty much their sexual slaves. Has that issue been solved yet? I doubt it.

Sexual and relationship choices are personal. Let us leave it that way and keep it respectful.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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