Nine issues the Supreme Court is set to determine in the Presidential Petition

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  1. Whether technology deployed by IEBC met the standards of integrity, verifiability, and transparency to guarantee the accuracy of the announced results.
  2. Whether there was interference in the transferring of form 34A from polling stations to the portal.
  3. 3. whether there was a difference in the 34As uploaded and 34As received at Bomas and those issued to agents.
  4. Whether the postponement of gubernatorial elections resulted in voter suppression to the detriment of the petitioners.
  5. Whether there were unexplained discrepancies between the votes cast in presidential votes and other seats.
  6. Whether the IEBC carried out verification and tallying of results in accordance with the law.
  7. Whether the declared president-elect attained 50+1% of the votes cast in accordance with the law.
  8. Whether there were irregularities to affect the results of the elections.
  9. Other reliefs and orders the court can grant.

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