Ngilu: Raila is the face of both ideological and physical transformation in Kenya

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Governor Charity Ngilu says the ODM leader is Kenya’s face of both ideological and physical transformation and out of current leaders running for the presidency, Mr. Odinga was the most suitable to take over the country’s leadership when President Uhuru Kenyatta retires.

In a local publication on Sunday, the Kitui county boss said it was possible to write the country’s political history and leave out everyone else campaigning against Raila for the top seat today and many will agree that nothing has been left out, especially with regard to transformation and change in Kenya.

”Raila’s opponents have tried to paint a picture of him that make them equal to or better than him. But that portrait is falling flat. The Raila they are trying to paint is not the one all Kenyans know. The Raila Kenya knows is one who has been the face and symbol of the struggle for justice, fairness and freedom in Kenya. None of the other contenders for the presidency can lay claim to such a record,” Governor Ngilu explains.

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The Kitui governor, also the leader of Narc reflects on the days of political detentions saying those who witnessed them know what the country was going through back then and that it took the willingness to die by the likes of Raila for Kenya to change.

”Real and meaningful change came because Raila stood his ground. No other candidate can point to any positive change, even just one, that can be traced to their efforts, during that period. Kenyans have reason to believe Raila when he promises justice, fairness, inclusivity, and equity should he become president,” she continues.

Governor Ngilu, also one of the three key allies of the former prime minister in Ukambani region says she has thrown her weight behind the ODM leader for the presidency because she does not believe Mr. Odinga’s opponents who have never sacrificed a thing the country.

”We have no reason to believe his opponents when they make promises on these or anything else because we have never seen them deliver on anything, leave alone those that require sacrifice. Raila is the face of both ideological and physical transformation in Kenya.”

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