Mt Kenya leaders want Government Resources, CDF allocated to the Region based on Population

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Mt Kenya legislators want the government to allocate resources to the region based on their population, something the nullified BBI advocated for under its One Vote One Shilling proposal.

The MPs have noted the CDF money allocated to the region is very little and can barely sponsor pupils and students across the constituencies. They are now seeking the equitable allocation of revenues from the national government based on the principle of ‘one person, one vote, one shilling’.

Thika Town MP Alice Nganga (UDA) is one of the first Mt Kenya MPs to say she will push for money to be allocated to constituencies based on numbers, a thing she says will help them gain political power in proportion to their numbers in the last poll.

”Our population is too high to continue receiving resources with constituencies with half or less than half of our population. Thika constituency should be classified as a super constituency, followed by doubling the voting power in the National Assembly and CDF allocation,” the MP said on Friday.

In March 2020, Mt Kenya counties through the BBI unsuccessfully pushed for equitable distribution of revenue following grievances that the region has been getting a raw deal in terms of resources and representation.

In their resolutions to the BBI taskforce presented during a rally at Kinoru stadium in Meru, the leaders proposed a provision to ensure revenue is shared depending on population of a county.

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