Mackenzie Not Going to The ICC Unless Kenya is Too Incompetent to Prosecute Him

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There is one thing you know for sure about Kenya. Something crazy happens and then the hyperbole even gets worse than the mess itself.

Now Kenya wants to take Paul Mackenzie to the International Criminal Court (ICC) to be charged with genocide. If this killer was working for the Kenyan government and therefore cannot be prosecuted in Kenya, then somebody else, most likely his victims would take him to the ICC. Governments do not take suspects to the ICC unless they cannot prosecute them. So start from there.

According to Kindiki, Mackenzie’s actions amount to genocide, and the pastor should be presented before the International Criminal Court (ICC) to answer for his atrocities. 

“It is possible to charge him with genocide at the ICC. We are also pursuing his known associates,” said the Interior Cabinet Secretary.

Kindiki likewise called for a collaborative approach to help in saving the lives of those who may have been affected by Mackenzie’s extremist religious teaching.

“Effective today we have upscaled the rescue; we are increasing the personnel. A multi-agency search and rescue operation will involve all agencies and will be security led,” he noted.

“We are going to tighten the laws governing religious organizations. Any preacher, who preaches any message that is against the Constitution of Kenya or engages in criminal activity must be stopped. There must be accountability.”

The bigger issue here really is, how did this guy commit these mass killings for more than 7 years and no government authority could sniff this horror and stop it? Where were the government security officials who are always bagging everybody for minor offenses? How could this happen? And now, we have bandits all over the country, killing Kenyans and every day it is just threats to them and fake promises to Kenyans.

Maybe we should ask Kenyans to pray to God to end the banditry so they can have some security. Mackenzie would come in handy here if he can be ordered to pray for the bandits to stop eating and the raging banditry in Kenya would be a thing of the past.

A few basic things need to be sorted out from a legal standpoint.

The crimes committed by this guy are so revolting that any human being wants him dead. So can Kenya charge him with murder? There is no evidence for that yet. To be charged with murder, you have to strangle somebody to death or shoot and kill them the way Kenyans do to others all the time. Unless there is any physical evidence that Mackenzie personally attacked people, a murder charge does not work. The courts deal with evidence and the law not with emotions.

If Mackenzie was grabbing these peoples’ food forcing them to starve to death, a manslaughter charge may work. That is when you kill somebody without intending to, but you kill them anyway. There is no evidence of that yet. But if you tell someone to starve themselves to death to meet Jesus who is waiting for them and they believe you, that is their problem, not yours.

Humans believe all sorts of stupid things and there is no law stopping them, just as there is no law stopping all sorts of devious people, mainly religious leaders and politicians from lying to their people, making them believe in completely false stuff. Some politicians tell Kenyans that if they pray hard God will give them food. Everybody knows that God never delivers any food for anybody. If you sit down because someone promised you that God will deliver food to you and die from starvation are those crimes committed by the people who promised you food from God?

If we were to kill all those who trick people to believe in all sorts of rubbish, very many people would be in jail starting with the religious leaders all the way to the Pope plus the politicians. Someone tells you to just keep praying every day, then you will end up in heaven which is what all religious leaders do. Where is the evidence that will actually happen?

Even Jesus hasn’t come back yet to convince us that there is something up there called Heaven and yet we keep praying now, for thousands of years, and spending a whole ton of money we give the churches as we wait to go to Heaven. It is a complete con job and people believe it. Should people who spread this nonsense be arrested and charged with criminal offenses?

And if you spend your money and time believing these rubbish talkers you should get a refund and the liars should be sent to jail. That is not happening. Religion as a matter of fact is the beginning of all lies that humans have lived with forever.

My father used to tell me when I was a young guy that religion is the only form of active madness he has ever seen with his own eyes. Never mind that my mother was the most religious person in our lives so the old guy always told me never to say anything negative about religion near my mother.

In fact, when my mother’s friends from church came for fellowship at our home, my father would be in his best behavior. He didn’t even smoke his kwesi when they were there because he thought that would be offensive to the church folks. My mother didn’t have to ask him to do that. He did it out of respect for his family. On Sundays, my father would be the first to wake us up to go to church with our mother. We used to joke that he just wanted the whole home for himself so he could do whatever he wanted.

Religion must have been the first sin humans committed on this earth. In fact, slavery, colonization and all sorts of international crimes committed by the churches, the British Monarchy, and white folks in pursuit of religion and wealth are the most horrific known in our world ever.

Colonization and slavery wiped out hundreds of millions of people, mainly black and brown people in the name of bringing God to the world.

In India went the British Monarchy, grabbed it in 1757, and handed it directly to the Queen of England. India accounted for 23% of the global GDP. England was nowhere close. When the British finally left India 200 years later in 1947, India accounted for 3% of the global GDP. The British grabbed and destroyed everything.

Just a few weeks ago, King Charles III for the first time signaled support for research into the British monarchy’s ties to slavery after a document showed an ancestor with shares in a slave-trading company, a Buckingham Palace spokesperson said Thursday.

Charles takes the issue “profoundly seriously” and academics will be given access to the royal collection and archives, the palace said.

The statement was in response to an article in The Guardian newspaper that revealed a document showing that the deputy governor of the slave-trading Royal African Company transferred 1,000 pounds of shares in the business to King William III in 1689.

King Charles III And The Queen Consort Attend The Royal Maundy Service

The newspaper reported on the document as part of a series of stories on royal wealth and finances, as well as the monarchy’s connection to slavery.

In his recent memoir “Spare,” Prince Harry wrote that the monarchy rests upon wealth generated by “exploited workers and thuggery, annexation, and enslaved people.”

This Paul Mackenzie guy as horrific as his crimes are, is nothing compared to the crimes against all of humanity committed in the name of religion by the British Monarchy. Those people were not killing individuals. The church was the tool for wiping out whole populations and they did so with ruthless abandon and we still worship them even now.

Look at our country now. The hospitals are shutting down because the Ruto Treasury has refused to hand over devolution money to the counties.

Migori Senator

In some counties, health workers are already on strike. Soon many counties will not have healthcare workers. What does anybody think will happen to the poor sick people in our public hospitals? They will die from disease and some will not even bother going to the hospital.

So when governments deny people money for treatment and they die, should we charge the government leaders with mass murder? Kenyans can ask Kindiki to take them to the ICC.

This Mackenzie guy is pure evil but let’s not be carried away because we kill more people with terrible policies than this terrible man. What to do with him seems like he will just spend the rest of his life in jail. If it was up to me I would stop him from eating any food until he joins those he claims to have sent to heaven.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and  Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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