Kenyans Want to Know the Truth about Ruto Violence on Citizens

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Raila and Azimio did a great thing for our country today. They took the nation to see the violence of the Ruto regime on Kenyans. Thank you very much. Kenyans cannot see the ones shot to death by Ruto and his crazy Kindiki. They are dead and buried. ICC will have to deal with that.

Here is the question. Who shot all these people and which weapons were they using to do so much harm to Kenyans? Were these people shot with guns from Uhuru’s son, Jomo or were they shot by Ruto’s weapons?

All the Ruto mobsters are attacking Uhuru Kenyatta and his son for supplying weapons to killers. In fact, they have seized the weapons. Who exactly are those Uhuru weapons killing? Maybe Uhuru and his son Jomo are supplying weapons to Ruto to kill Kenyans because as far as Kenyans can see, the only people being shot and killed have been done by the Ruto government.

Is Uhuru arming Ruto to kill Kenyans? Who are these people that Raila and Uhuru with his son have killed?

Ruto and his killers cannot have it both ways. Ruto is killing and maiming Kenyans all over the country. The evidence is there for every Kenyan to see. The same Ruto regime is claiming that Uhuru and his son are supplying weapons to kill Kenyans. Who in the country has been killed by the Uhuru weapons? We all know Ruto thinks Kenyans are idiots he can fool around any time but can Ruto provide the evidence of Uhuru weapons being used to kill Kenyans?

As far as peace talks are concerned, they are going to happen because there is no other way out. The Ruto government has pretty much collapsed. Ruto’s people are all over the place doing exactly nothing that matters. Every time Ruto and his regime leaders open their mouths they talk about Azimio and Raila. That is what a failed regime looks like.

Kibaki never talked about Moi except once at the inauguration when Kibaki said there will be no roadside decisions under his government. After that, Kibaki never said a word about Moi. He had enough work to do. Ruto talks about nothing else but Uhuru and Raila. He has nothing else to do but kill Kenyans. Let him keep going. Kenyans will deal with him.

Will Tanzanian President Samia Suluhu be the mediator to bring Kenya back to normal life? I don’t think so because some of the Ruto crazies are already mad at her. I am sure Rigathi Gachagua would strangle her to death if he ever had a chance. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who the mediator(s) will be.

Ruto can choose to sink Kenya into the abyss or he can see the reality in front of him and negotiate with Azimio starting on the Finance Act 2023/24 and the cost of living. If Ruto does not want that the resistance will resume in full next week. Kenyans can fight for their country and Ruto knows that. Kenyans had more than 10 years of brave and determined war with Moi and they knocked him out. Ruto is nothing compared to Moi. If he wants a fight with Kenyans, he is getting it already and it is going to get much more intense. Bring it on is the message Kenyans are sending to William Ruto.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and  Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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