Kalonzo pursues career in comedy as 2022 becomes uncertain

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That the partial lockdown of a section of the country, and the raging pandemic has immobilised politicians is not in question. Leaders with little online clout have resorted to a number of ways, some comic, others plainly embarrassing, to stay relevant in the press.

With his 2022 chances of being president diminishing each day, Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka is now trying his luck in comedy.

”I have always loved local content from the days of vitimbi, Redykyulass, real househelps of kawangware. I believe artists represent society by showing our humorous side of life,” Mr Musyoka tweeted.

In a clip that has since gone viral on social media, Mr. Musyoka plays a bookworm, man Stevo, who leads his friend Kennar in trouble with their teacher, after the two agreed not to hand in their assignments. Even though Kennar holds his side of the deal, Stevo does not keep his word and ends up betraying his classmate.

”Ukipanga fom na chopi. Today I got an opportunity to do a video with His Excellency Kalonzo Musyoka and it was a very humbling opportunity as we interacted,” Crazzy Kennar wrote on Twitter.

Is this the characteristic Kalonzo Musyoka his real political life? While some says the viral clip is only for online relevance, others argue, it accurately depicts Mr Musyoka’s ‘chameleon like’ tendencies in the national scene.

To back the claims, the ODM-ODM-Kenya split of 2005, 2010 No/ Yes campaigns, and most recently, the controversial January 30th, 2018 swearing-in at Uhuru Park are mentioned as notable instances when the Wiper Leader bailed out on his political friends.

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