Jaramogi was Bad. What Do You Expect from his Son, Raila? That is Gachagua Politics.

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We know that when these two boys (below) hang out together in the 1950s and 1960s with Dedan Kimathi taking the battle to the British Colonial government in the mountains with arms, it was their job to put together a national government agenda on the table and they did it, leading our country to national independence in 1963.

One of the first in Africa at that time along with Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, and many other others across the globe lowering the chains of direct colonialism.

But here again, is Jaramogi Oginga Odinga as he is often in our national identity as a people and a nation.

Let my father rest! Raila tells off Gachagua over Jaramogi remarks

Na Raila haogopi wewe, ukisema utafanya chochote niko tayari.”

Azimio leader Raila Odinga has told off Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua over his remarks and dared him to stop him from carrying on with Monday’s mass action.

Speaking in Ruiru on Friday, Raila said their resolve for the mass protests is unstoppable and he will not be intimidated. 

“Bwana Gachagua anasema ooh huyu jamaa mara hii tutamaliza mambo yake kabisa yeye na baba yake. Baba yangu alikufa karibu miaka thelathini iliyopita, wacha mzee apumuzike,” Raila said.

(Mr Gachagua says this time round they will deal with me and my father. My father died over thirty years ago, let him rest in peace)

The former Prime Minister said if the DP has an issue with him, he should address him individually and leave his late father out.

Gachagua on Wednesday said it’s about time the ODM leader was dealt with over his incessant rattling of governments through demonstrations.

Raila called for mass action on Monday to pressurise the Kenya Kwanza regime into lowering the cost of living and instituting electoral reforms. 

“Raila and his father have troubled the country for 60 years. The time to deal with him is now,” the DP said. 

In response, Raila said: “Hapana taja jina Jaramogi, taja jina Raila. Na Raila haogopi wewe, ukisema utafanya chochote niko tayari ( Don’t mention Jaramogi, mention Raila and I’m not afraid of you for whatever you are planning).” 

Raila said he stood up against the late President Daniel Moi and together with other leaders forced him into repealing the Constitution to pave way for multiparty democracy.  

He said Moi had declared that Kanu would rule for 100 years but he told him one party rule must end immediately.

Raila said because of their unwavering resolve, he was arrested together with Kenneth Matiba and Charles Rubia during the Saba Saba protests on July 7, 1990, and detained for a year without trial.

“That was the third time I was put behind bars. I had previously been detained for seven and a half years so I’m telling him (Gachagua) I’m not afraid to be arrested,” he said.

Raila further told President William Ruto that the democratic space Kenya enjoys today came at a heavy price.

He was responding to Ruto’s claim that many Kenyans have died over the years during demonstrations organised by the ODM leader.

Raila said people were shot dead, tortured, and killed during detention before Kenya became a multiparty democracy. 

“So I’m telling him Kenya was worse during those days. This Constitution you see did not come easily,” he said.  

“People were detained, people demonstrated, and others were shot dead by police. At Nyayo House, people were being thrown from the 23rd floor and they would term it suicide,” Raila said.

And here is the Azimio team in Kiambu heading to March 20 Day of National Action for Food and Justice in the country. What else can the country ask for?

And then I saw these amazing real estate properties called State Lodge in Milimani Kisumu being guarded by Kenya Security forces and I was saying we should have that green neighborhood in Kisumu for high-rise beautiful homes for Kenyans who live there.

Why is this whole place a State Lodge some president of Kenya comes once every twenty years. Give the place to Kenyans to build houses and homes. It is their property, to begin with.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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