Inside plans to have Ruto govern for 20 years up to 2042

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Fafi MP Salah Yakub, a UDA lawmaker reveals plans are underway to have a constitutional amendment in the National Assembly that will see the current 10-year Presidential term limit scrapped and replaced with an age limit.

According to reports, there is intense behind-the-scenes lobbying and closed-door talks involving Kenya Kwanza lawmakers on the proposal that will see them draft a constitutional amendment bill and use their numerical strength to have it passed in Parliament.

If it goes through, President William Ruto, currently aged 55 will be able to stay in office until 2042 when he hits 75 years old, the proposed Presidential age limit.

”We want to tell Kenyans that the limit on two terms should be relooked. We want it changed to an age limit where when one gets to 75 years then he or she cannot contest,” MP Yakub said in Garissa county over the weekend during a food distribution exercise.

”We will come up with an amendment Bill to try and change this because we want the requirement to be on age limit and not terms. If a president is doing a good job, he or she should not be limited by terms,” the UDA legislator added,

If the Kenya Kwanza side in the Legislature has its way, President William Ruto will be eligible to run in the 2027, 2032, and 2037 elections.

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