I contributed to my wife’s cheating behavior, starved her of sex

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We had lived with my wife Monica for 2 years happily without anything really seems to come our way. Our marriage life was really awesome as we had been officially had a wedding and vowed to be around each other in any situation and death would be the only thing that would bring us apart. She was really a good lady whom I thought would change my life to some extent and I would do the same to her. Each time we had a disagreement we would solve it together.

As time went by, realized I was just turning to be a useless man only to be there physically for I was slowly losing the ability to satisfy my wife sexually. This was as a result of my boyhood life for I was really an addict to masturbation which its effects came to show up in my marriage life and it was really a shameful thing to imagine. I have had low libido since. I would only go one single shot and fall into a deep sleep where at times I would even start snoring even forgetting I had a cookie to eat by my side. This habit became my usual norm and my wife knew I was doing nothing to change the situation.

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At times should dress the only pant in the house exposing her goodies but I had no morale of even touching
her. After some time, I even realized I was experiencing premature ejaculation. This was actually a problem that needed serious intervention for \my wife was still young and she really demanded a series of strokes but my low libido nature could not have charged her engine at any particular time. This was the right moment for my wife to start cheating as she did with even my close friends.

At times I would find text messages on her phone being thanked for the good services she offered. It really showed I was not a man enough to make her sexually satisfied. I feared telling my friends about my problem for I would have been a scapegoat and subjected to their daily talking gossiping in various meeting points like pubs and other entertainment and social places I used to attend. This situation was really demeaning me as a man.

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My wife would come home at late hours and each time I asked her where she was from she would openly say she was out looking for a man that could make her wet her pants. I did nothing like the head of the family for I feared she might leave me and I was actually not ready for a divorce at any particular time. At times she would even forget to take a shower from her impounding activities and come home smelling that scent. It was really a disgrace to me but I did not put a hand on her at any particular moment. I tried to consult with her relatives about her behaviors and they all shunned me away and said that their daughter would not do such a thing at any particular time.

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Later Paul my all-time friend introduced me to Kiwanga doctors. I went to their offices and I was attended
to. That was the end of my low libido problems for from that day, I used to go five and more rounds each time I used to bang my wife. She really enjoyed and that was a clear indication that Kiwanga doctors were really the big deal in town. From that day my wife has never gone outside our wedlock. I really thank Kiwanga doctors for their help.

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