How About We Sell the State House and Parliament Buildings?

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Kenyans already know the government’s heavy thirst for public money but now it is getting to dangerous proportions that could kill the whole country in one shot. Everyday the new administration announces new loans in hundreds of billions whether it is from the IMF or other agencies and now the national debt is above 10 trillion for the first time in Kenyan history. Meanwhile, the economy is stuck and Kenyans are struggling for food and fuel like never before.

According to Ruto all that money he is borrowing is to help pay debt as the man keeps whining about Uhuru’s government. The first job of a president is to actually run the country and stop crying while ripping off the entire economy of the nation and gagging on cash borrowed and stolen from everywhere.

Now he has vowed to sell every single government owned parastatal company that has any asset value and already we are talking about hundreds of billions that Ruto wants to grab and that is the last time Kenyans will hear about that money.

The iconic Kenyatta International Convention Centre right at the heart of the city with the capacity to be the heartbeat of the nation earning the citizens billions in revenue is the first one on Ruto’s list for fire sale. It will be thrown to people connected to Ruto and his buddies for peanuts and then they can start minting money from KICC right away.

A lot of the profits they are going to get from KICC will be money paid by the Ruto government to host events and meetings at the KICC. Ruto is just not getting the KICC as a personal asset, they already have the market to make money there and that will be tax payer money going to them. These guys have plans for themselves and Kenyans know that already. They have seen it for a whole year now. It is just exploding now.

There are other big national assets on Ruto’s fire sale the big industrial assets that the Kenyan public owns.

Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC) which is a humongous infrastructure system to get imported oil in Mombasa moving across the country and EAC region. Azimio leader Raila Odinga who opposes the whole scam by Ruto to dispose off the country key treasures for money referred to KPC as a strategic national asset that should never be fooled around with just to get a little money in some peoples’ pockets.

“The government wants to sell state corporations, Kenya Pipeline Corporation and National Oil Corporation are among them. KPC is a strategic investment that should not be sold under any circumstances. But the government wants to sell it,” he said.

Kenya is already having a nightmare in the oil business where our neghbouring countries like Uganda, Rwanda and the DRC are stopping to buy Kenyan oil from Mombasa Port because they are being stolen from by the myriad of corrupt Kenyan oil dealers. There is the G to G oil deal in Kenya between Ruto and Saudi Arabia and it is turning into a complete mess and that very well be part of the need to dispose of oil related companies from the government so all those investigations can be stopped because the offending companies are being sold.

The other big national asset Ruto is selling is cash-rich National Oil Corporation of Kenya (NOCK) which itself is at the heart of countries abandoning Kenyan oil because they are overcharging oil buyers from Uganda.

Other corporations to be sold are the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) Kenya Literature Bureau, National Oil Corporation, Kenya Seed Company Limited, Mwea Rice Mills, Western Kenya Rice Mills Limited, Kenya Pipeline Company, New Kenya Cooperative Creameries, Kenya Vehicle Manufacturers Limited, Rivatex East Africa Limited and Numerical Machining Complex.

The National Treasury has also listed the Kenya Literature Bureau (KLB), Mwea Rice Mills Ltd (MRM), Western Kenya Rice Mills Ltd (WKRM), New Kenya Cooperative Creameries Limited (NKCC) and Numerical Machining Complex Limited (NMC) as potential investment opportunities for interested parties.

The Kenya Vehicle Manufacturers Limited, Kenya Seed Company Limited and Rivatex East Africa Limited are also among the agencies lined up for sale by the government.

The National Treasury said the entities to be put up for sale will help it raise additional revenue.

It said the disposal would also help reduce the demand for government resources amid numerous demanding and competing needs.

Earlier estimates showed the government could earn a windfall of as much as Sh30 billion a year from selling troubled state-owned enterprises (SOEs).

According to a report by budget experts in Parliament, these earnings could surpass Sh110 billion in the near term.

Even as Ruto is busy collecting other national companies to be sold Kenyans know that Ruto is already selling Mombasa and Lamu ports. That process was just stopped by the courts this week because the government is accused of illegally disposing public assets at the port. That means Ruto and his business friends collecting Mombasa port assets for free

Privatisation of Mombasa, Lamu ports halted

The High Court has suspended a decision by the state to lease some berths at the ports of Mombasa and Lamu County to private investors.

Justice Chacha Mwita said the order will be in place till December 6 and the court will issue further directions on the matter.

The case was filed by a group identifying themselves as the Taireni Association of Multimedia.

They have sued CS Treasury, CS Transport, the Attorney General and Kenya Ports Authority.

Justice Chacha Mwita directed that the pleadings be served immediately to the respondents and responses be filed within 3 days after service.

The association told the court that the whole process is tainted with irregularities that should not be allowed to continue.

“We urge you to consider this application in the light of protecting public assets and the public capital investment from any plunder, whatsoever,” the association said.

According to the court documents, KPA has purported to dispose of the public assets held by it under the provisions of Section 4 of the Public Private Partnership Act, 2022, which Act, was not intended to be applicable for the disposing of public assets, rather to guide on the procedures of controlling and contracts between the government on projects which are undertaken and financed exclusively by private investors.

In the meantime Dar Es Salaam Port is now better than Mombasa Port as per reports in May 2023. This is where the action from East African and Central African countries are heading to for key business like oil imports and other freight services.

And me and Dar in Tanzania we have problems. That was my first place as an exile from Kenya. I go to the Dar Es Salaam University and everything is in Kiswahili. I was from the faculty of commerce in Nairobi University in and in Dar I had to find the name in Kiswahili.

The sale and cheap disposal of huge public assets that Ruto wants to grab is going to be very complex. These are Kenyan properties and the courts are going to get involved big time.

And this week the Kenyan courts are showing some teeth to uphold the constitutional rights that Kenyans enjoy.

The Ruto Housing Levy was just declared unconstitutional by a three judge High Court.

The unsavory housing levy proposed by the Kenya Kwanza government has been declared unconstitutional by the High Court.

During the ruling on petitions filed challenging the Finance Act 2023, Justice David Majanja ruled that the court has found the levy to have violated Article 10, 2 (a) of the constitution.

“We find that the introduction of the housing levy amendment to section 84 lacks a comprehensive legal framework in violation of Article 10 of the constitution, that levy against persons in formal employment without justification is discriminatory and irrational,” Majanja read in his judgement on behalf of a three-judge bench.

The other two judges included Lawrence Mugambi and Christine Meoli.

While ordering that no charges should be further collected, Justice Majanja ruled that sections 84, 72 to 78 of the Finance Act have also been termed null and void.

“An order is granted prohibiting the respondent from collecting, charging on otherwise the charge known as the affordable housing act,” he said.

The Levy, a cardinal pillar in the Finance Act, started being deducted from formally employed Kenyans in July, with the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) mandated as the collecting agent.

In response to the Ruto William Ruto made a very telling statement that may be even he does not understand.

“There are three things I said I would do in my tenure; robust housing programme- not because we are looking for houses but because housing creates millions of jobs. I want to report that in the last eight months, we have created 120,000 jobs from our housing plan.”

Ruto is telling Kenyans that he has created 120,000 jobs with the levy but predictably says nothing about even a single housing project out of the hundreds left by Uhuru that he has actually completed and handed over to Kenyans. Ruto can talk about 120,000 fake jobs because he doesn’t have to prove anything but if Ruto lied that he has built or completed 1,000 houses he would have to show Kenyans where the houses are and he knows they are nowhere.

And now the Ruto regime is turning the heat on the judiciary when DP Gachagua issued public threats to the judiciary for according to him sabotaging the Ruto Housing scheme. Good news is that no Kenyan really pays any attention to the little goon.

Given all these tough circumstances I have some advise for Ruto and he knows I always give him good ideas for free and he doesn’t have to pay me like he pays David Ndii.

Here is the first plan for Ruto. Please sell State House immediately. It is prime land and some of those big party organizers can take it for big events like mega wedding parties, all night dance action shows for young people, Koffi Olomide show for seniors would be there right now.

All these will bring big money to you and you can run the country from Sugoi or better still let one of your chickens in the farm run the country while you do the rest of your thing in the churches and beg your god to bring more El-Ninos to Kenya as you just boasted you did for the current El-Nino. What is wrong with that?

I happen to know State House very well. The first time I went there was 1982 when the Kenya government proposed that Kenya would be a one party state. In the Students Of Nairobi University (SONU) where I was the SG we were asked to take a letter to State House telling them to take one party state law to a public vote.

At State House Gate we were confronted by highly armed operatives at State House who demanded to know what we wanted. We told them we have a letter for President Moi to stop one party rule from being passed in parliament. There were three of us who were representatives of SONU. It was Cornel Onyango Akello, David Murathe and myself. The State House security told us to leave within minutes or get shot. Then we left after giving them the letter from SONU.

Then I go to jail for 10 months after the 1982 coup attempt. I come out of prison in 1983 and I make my way back to Nairobi University just in time to do my second year exams and I never even had time to study for them. My fellow students and my lecturers some of whom were in jail with me were very supportive. They told me I have to make it and I did.

Then I come back to campus and that is the second time I get to visit and know State House Kenya. I was a publisher of the SONU newspaper called KAMKUNJI. It was an amazing team. At this time Mwandawiro Mghanga is the SONU chair and we agree that I work with SAUTI so we have many levels of resistance to the Moi dictatorship.

Then we visited the State House in 1983 and it was a big fight there directly with Moi at his own building and office. History will talk about that one day. Mwandawiro was making a speech at State House and he was very polite and he started asking Moi to release all students in prison following the August 1, 982 coup attempt.

Mwandawiro mentioned the name of David Onyango Oloo jailed in 1982 jailed for 5 years just for having a hand written paper. Moi stood up and told Mwandawiro to stop.

It was just chaos then me, David Murathe and Cornel Onyango again escaped from State House security. We went straight to Nation House and we had a public student statement to give them. The statement called for the release of students and everybody held in prison after the 1982 coup.

We gave the statement straight to Mitch Odero a respected publisher at the Daily Nation and it was in the headlines the next day. We just went to work as Kenyan patriots. We saw no problem with what we were doing. Not even now.

Mwandawiro signed that statement because it was the statement where the students asked the University Vice Chancellor, Prof. Karanja to accept for us that his President Daniel Arap Moi was a murderer We know that and kept that statement. Even though the chairman didn’t even know we had made that move to Nation House, it saved his life because the students were furious we went to State House to meet Moi and couldn’t talk about political prisoners.

But right now State House is ready for sale by Ruto. That is where we are as country.

Ruto should sell State House and right away there will be a Koffi Olomide show right there on December 9, 2023. Ruto could make a lot of money out of this if he sells State House.

The other state property that the Auctioneer-In-Chief President of Kenya, William Ruto, should sell immediately is the Kenya National Parliament Building.

This could be worth hundreds of billions too. Our parliament sits in the best land in Kenya and right now nothing happens there. I would be surprised if any of the MPs even bothers to attend parliamentary debates. It is useless to them because king Ruto makes all decisions. But the MPs do two things. They attend committee meetings because they are paid per meeting even if they are only there for two seconds. The other thing our MPs do is ask Ruto what he wants so they can pass that very fast.

The biggest deal for the MPs is they get that Sh. 7 million a month of NG-CDF money which they are getting illegally after a Supreme Court ruling in August 2022 which declared CDF as presently constituted as illegal.

Ruto sells parliament the MPS would be very glad to have the CDF offices they have as their full time place of work. What can possibly go wrong with that? The MPs will get all the money they want and they don’t have to waste time in parliament after it is sold to give Ruto a lot of money. It would be a win win for them and for Ruto.

Now those are my sale plans for the country plans for William Ruto. As usual I give him very good plans as we all know what the man wants.

Here is what Ruto did the first time he took office. He went to Galana Kulalu massive state investment and handed it over to his friends in the private sector. They were supposed to be feeding the country by now according William Ruto. I am sure they are doing that right now. Ask Ruto.

But here are the facts on the grounds as we speak.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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