How about Paying Health bills for Mau Mau Fighters when they are Alive?

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Rigathi Gachugua who went wild promising Kenyans that there will never be any bipartisan talks and dialogue to resolve serious political and economic issues that Kenyans face today is now in a meltdown as expected.

William Ruto accepted the talks with Raila’s Azimio team letting Gachagua know that it is Ruto’s government and the DP is nothing other than a name and he can have his own talks with himself.

“We fear you Raila Odinga, the reason is because when you got together with Uhuru Kenyatta, he became a changed man. Whenever he could come to us, he was so bitter but would only smile with you,” Gachagua said. 

Gachagua noted that the people of Mt Kenya became fearful and that is why they opposed the Handshake.

“Before Uhuru and you got together, he would go to church every Sunday, but once you came into the picture he never went to church,” he said. 

“Uhuru and I were best of friends, our children were friends. We would eat and drink together. Our wives were friends and when he got back with you (Raila Odinga) he turned his back on me and wanted to arrest me,” the DP continued. 

Opposition Leader urged Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua to stay away from the bipartisan talks and let the team come up with solutions to problems facing the nation.

Addressing the funeral of a Mamau Veteran John Njigoya Kagwe, alias Brigadier Kiboko, which was attended by DP Gachagua,  Raila asked the DP to keep off the talks.

“Let Kalonzo Musyoka and Kimani Ichung’wah have the talks. You(Rigathi Gachagua), President William Ruto, and I should stay out of the ongoing talks. There is nothing wrong with engaging in talks,” he said. 

Raila said Azimio La Umoja is ready to engage in talk and focus on taking the country forward in one accord. 

The ODM Leader also refuted claims made by Gachagua who alleged he had secretly met President Ruto in Mombasa over talks. 

“Mimi nilikutana na Ruto lini? Ata kama Riggy G hataki kusikiza maneno yangu, lakini sikiliza tu, hakuna ubaya ya watu kuzungumza. Usiwe na wasiwasi, sisi hatutaki nusu mkate, sina haja na kazi kwa serekali, kaa polepole,” he said. 

“Did I meet President William Ruto? Even if Gachagua does not want to listen to me, let him just listen now. There is no harm in having talks, don’t be worried. We don’t want half of the government in matters position, we are not interested, stay steady”.

Here is the fake son of a Mau Mau fighter doing his politics at the burial of Brigadier Kiboko. Rigathi could not offer a penny for Kiboko’s bills at the hospital before he died but he wants to dance at his funeral because he loves to pretend to be the Mau Mau man in the Mt. Kenya region. It is beyond shameful but that is who Rigathi Gachagua is. Please try to save Mau Mau fighters’ lives before you go to dance at their funerals.

So Ruto and Gachagua will pay Brigadier Kiboko’s funeral bills now. How about paying health bills for Mau Mau fighters when they are still alive to help keep them stay alive?

“Most of the land that these fighters fought for was shared amongst the collaborators and the colonial chiefs. Most of the idle land in the country was to be given to the Mau Mau fighters,” Gachagua said.

Can any Kenyan understand what this man is talking about here? No. Because even Gachagua has no clue what he is talking about. He just feels he has to open his mouth and whatever comes out that is it and it is mostly garbage.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and  Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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