Great to See Palestinian Prisoners Coming Home. Western Media Will Not Show That

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The day the Israeli government frees Marwan Barghouti from their prisons is the day real talks about this genocidal murder of Palestinian children called war by the Israeli government will start. That is coming because it is inevitable. History has its own rules. We know that.

But it was pretty breathtaking to see this young child overjoyed to see her mother from Israeli prison. She wanted to talk to and touch her mother. The beauty of the connection is beyond belief.

Fatima Shaheen’s daughter Aylool gently caresses her mother’s cheek after her release from an Israeli prison as part of a truce agreement between Israel and Hamas in the al-Duheishe refugee camp in Bethlehem’s occupied West Bank on Friday.

You know what else is really disturbing about the story? Fatima Shaheen was released to a “Refugee Camp” in the West Bank. Palestinians are the only people in the world who have lived in “Refugee Camps” for 75 years. How is that possible and tolerated by the US and the UN?

She is back in Gaza and her family was there for her.

This prisoner’s mother had to wait because her sister wanted to hug her. It is what they have waited for in years.

Touching your mother when you are from prison is a very powerful thing. I know that because my mother was on the stairs at my aunt’s house in South B Nairobi when I got out of prison and I was 23 years old. She couldn’t let me go.

The scary thing in all this is that the whole Western media has refused to talk about mass graves in Gaza because there are not enough cemeteries for the victims of the ongoing Israeli genocide in Gaza.

If these mass graves for hundreds of people were in Israel for victims killed by Hamas, the entire Western Media would move there.

CNN and Fox would be broadcasting from there. But these are just dead Palestinians, why would Biden and the Western media care for that? That is the world we live in. As simple as that.

And the Palestinian kids are finding out what they are coming back to and it is very scary. This is their new home.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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