Governing Raila While The Nation Starves

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The Ruto government has decided that their first job is to shout about Raila Odinga every day.

They want to govern Raila because running the country is an impossible task for them. Just hand the country over to the Red Cross to find some food for them instead of flagging the same bags of maize ten times from the source and at the end for delivery.

Gachagua, who insisted that President William Ruto’s administration will never entertain any form of a handshake, said Raila should keep the government in check.

The DP blamed Raila for abetting state capture and extra-judicial killings by going to bed with retired President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government.

“Hard Raila remained in the opposition, these atrocities would not have happened,’ Gachagua claimed.

“There would have not been conflict of interest or massive looting of public funds if Raila remained in the opposition.”

Gachagua said the Kenya Kwanza is keen on a “strong and vibrant opposition to keep us in check”.

“Please Mzee(Raila) take your rightful place as the leader of opposition….keep us in check and criticise us where we go wrong…we shall take it nicely if you do your work,” he said.

He also rubbished Raila’s call for the government to invite the Scotland Yard to prove extrajudicial killings saying the country’s security officers are competent enough to do the jobs.

Ruto and his friends like Gachagua who were in Uhuru’s government for ten years are now telling Kenyans that Raila did not stop them from committing murder on Kenyans and now should not say anything.

Where were Ruto and Gachagua when their own government was killing people as they now claim? If it is true that the government in which Ruto was second in charge was engaging in killings and extra-judicial murders, they are responsible for it and should be investigated in terms of what they knew and when they knew it.

This nonsense of telling Raila that ‘oh you did not stop us from killing people and now we are trying to fix that mess’ is just utter nonsense. If indeed you were killing people with Uhuru, you are going to go to jail with him.

This government needs to do something to deal with real issues dragging the country to the ground. Yesterday, President Ruto was busy inspecting washrooms and toilets at the Supreme Court and crying about how dirty they are. The job of a president when a country is in crisis is not to wash toilets.

Can this government find a way to relate with Kenyans and with this nightmare of food shortage in the country?

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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