Facts on the newly unveiled Hustlers Fund

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The Hustler fund has no committees, no paperwork, and needs zero connections to access. You only need your phone and a Registered sim card.

It is clustered into 3 products: Individual Borrowing (Ksh 500 – Ksh 50,000), Group Borrowing (Ksh 50,000 – Ksh 250,000), and SMEs and Co-operative borrowing.

5% of the borrowed amount is automatically saved ie. if let’s say one borrows Kshs. 10,000, Ksh. 500 goes to Savings. They will be able to access 30% of their savings after 6 months, and 70% after they hit the age of retirement through NSSF.

The interest rate shall be 8% Per year, Translating to 0.2% per day. This interest rate will apply after 14 days of borrowing.

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