Emotional Plea from a Kenyan Parent On Maandamano Wednesday to Friday

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My  Plea for Peaceful Dialogue in Times of Demonstrations

As a concerned parent, I am deeply troubled by the recent call for three days of mass demonstrations in response to the high cost of living by opposition leader Raila Odinga. While I empathize with the frustration that many Kenyans feel regarding the economic challenges, I firmly believe that the path to resolving our nation’s issues lies in constructive dialogue and peaceful engagement.

As parents, we are acutely aware of the impact that such demonstrations are having on our children’s lives. The closure of schools and disruptions to daily routines are leaving a lasting impression on our young one minds that it is okay to excuse themselves and miss school when maandamano’s are called. The fear of violence and the uncertainty surrounding the demonstrations are causing anxiety and distress, affecting our kids overall well-being and sense of security.

While as a parent I respect the right for any Kenya to express grievances, we must also prioritize the safety and stability of our children’s environment. The closure of schools in Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu serves as a poignant reminder of the potential risks these demonstrations pose to our children’s education and future.

As leaders of our nation, both within the government and opposition, I implore you to consider the far-reaching impact of your actions on the lives of ordinary citizens, especially our children. It is essential to seek common ground through dialogue and negotiation, working together to find sustainable solutions to address the challenges that burden our nation.

Our children look up to us as role models, seeking guidance on how to navigate the world with compassion and understanding. As a parent, I strive to instill in them values of peace, unity, and cooperation. It is incumbent upon our leaders to set an example, showcasing the power of peaceful dialogue and collaboration in seeking resolutions.

Amidst the uncertainties, let us remember that Kenya is a nation of resilience, strength, and unity. By prioritizing constructive dialogue over confrontations, we can build a brighter future for our children—one where they can grow, thrive, and contribute positively to our society.

I pray for peace to prevail in our beloved country. I urge our leaders to set aside their differences and engage in meaningful dialogue, working together to find solutions that benefit all Kenyans, both young and old. It is only through peaceful resolution and unity that we can create a Kenya where our children’s dreams can take root and flourish.

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