Double Standards in the War Against Graft

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Talking in Mumias weeks ago Ruto declared war against corruption and those who hurt the economy. President Ruto declared “Leave Kenya, end up in jail, or go to Heaven,”. Frightening words.

To Henry Rotich facing charges in court for stealing Sh. 63 billion meant to build Kimwarer and Arror dam, President Ruto’s message seems to be the opposite.

To Henry Rotich facing charges in court for stealing Sh. 63 billion meant to build Kimwarer and Arror dam, President Ruto’s message seems to be the opposite.

This time it is: “I am getting you out of there Henry, you know where to find me”

This is not a double standard. This is a national tragedy.

Today’s events regarding Henry Rotich confirm everything Kenyans have been worried about as they see billionaire thieves who are Ruto’s allies and friends and who were in court facing charges from tax evasion to fake tenders all in billions of taxpayer money being set free as DPP shamelessly withdraws charges.

In the Anti-Corruption court today the ODPP asked Magistrate Kagure Nyutu to suspend the hearing of the Rotich case until the new DPP is appointed so that the DPP will give the court fresh instructions. That means wait for the new DPP to come and withdraw the case against Henry Rotich. People are not stupid and they can see what is happening.

The media reports are that the Anti-Corruption Court Magistrate dismissed “unverifiable instructions” from the Public Prosecutor’s and told the ODPP that the case will proceed as previously scheduled.

“I find the reasons given by the prosecution seeking to take out the hearing dates for this week pending the post-vetting of the incoming DPP is not justifiable,” the magistrate ruled.

“This court cannot be held hostage through unverifiable instructions given to the prosecutor by word of mouth and therefore the application for adjournment is denied,” Nyutu asserted.

The thing that exposed the whole plot to let Rotich off the hook after Sh. 63 billion theft was that four of the witnesses who were supposed to appear in court never showed up. They are all civil servants working in the government so it is quite obvious they are under instructions to abandon the case and help Ruto save his buddy Henry Rotich and let him keep all that public money.

In her ruling, the Magistrate directed the Investigating Officer Wellington Ngeno to arrest the four and produce them in court within an hour

“Further this court issues warrants of arrest for the said witnesses Mutungu Mwai Wanjohi, Boniface Mamboleo, Samuel Kimutai Kosgey and Cecilia Kaluka. “

“These are public servants who are in public offices. I direct the DCI to arrest and bring them to court, ” she said.

And another telling evidence of a massive plot to help Rotich, the one witness who showed up in court told the court that he is too sick to give any evidence in court. The magistrate directed the witness to provide medical documents. I am sure those medical documents are being cooked up probably at State House for his next day in court.

The other issue that points clearly what the plot is for Rotich is that last week the former CS for Agriculture Peter Munya who is a witness in the case was in court to give evidence. The ODD on that day told the magistrate that he had no questions to ask the witness. Can you believe that? The prosecution witness is in court to give evidence and the prosecutor says nah don’t need any evidence just go back home.

One thing is clear and it is going to take its toll on the country. When Ruto wants to free his thieving friends who have robbed the country of billions it doesn’t matter how brazen he is. It is like the mafia when they want to kill you they do it even if you are in front of your children.

Ruto is basically telling Kenyans that he is going to let his mega-thieving friends free and if anybody doesn’t like it they can go to hell. Mr. President, you can run the country like that for a while but it doesn’t last forever. Enjoy it when you can.

Henry Rotich is not going to the other heaven where Ruto wants to send the others in a box. Rotich is going to the real heaven at State House where you feast on seafood and whole goats while rolling on the red carpet. Bwana Asifiwe kabisa.

Adongo Ogony is a Human Rights Activist and a Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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