Detectives Seize Kilos of Donkey Meat Sold to Unsuspecting Nairobi Residents

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Detectives have arrested two suspects found slaughtering donkeys at a thicket in Ndeiya, Kiambu County, and recovered over 30 fresh carcasses of the animal.

Patrick Muiruri, 29, and Elizabeth Wangeci, 32, were arrested and two vehicles used in the transportation of the flesh in gunny bags were impounded.

This followed a police raid at the scene of the slaughter located at an open field within a thicket in Rwasumali village, where the beast of burden is slaughtered before finding its way to butcheries and meat pots in the city.

After slaughtering the animals, the unscrupulous traders extract boneless meat from the animal’s carcass which is sold to meat lovers in the city exorbitantly, disguised as beef fillets and other boneless chops.

The traders also package the donkey intestines, kidneys, and other internal organs and sell them to outlets dealing in popular roadside delicacies Mutura, supu and matumbo.

This follows numerous complaints by residents in Limuru and its environs on the disappearance of donkeys which detectives have since established find their way to the dinner tables of hapless city residents.

The two suspects are currently in custody at Ndeiya police station and are being processed for arraignment.

-Source: Kenya’s Department of Criminal Investigations

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