Destroying the Raila and Ruto Talks is Easy But with Grave Consequences

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“You voted and we won, my work with (National Assembly Majority Leader) Ichung’wah now and the rest is to protect our leadership and the victory,” he said.

“They (Azimio) are attempting to get the president at State House for talks, but I am hawk-eyed with snares everywhere.”

Right now the UDA geniuses apart from yelling about some imaginary handshake to give up part of their rotten mkate are engrossed in finding a venue for the meeting. Today Waiguru told Ruto to hold the dialogue with Azimio at Uhuru Park.

Allegedly all that talk about where to meet is to address the cost of living and make sure the meetings are not held in expensive luxury hotels. I am sure it will also mean that the priority agenda in the meetings will be how to lower the cost of living for Kenyans.

Everybody knows all these hankering where all KK think tankers who can’t stop talking about Azimio and the forthcoming meetings is how to sabotage the whole thing and make sure the meetings never happen and if they do never achieve anything meaningful for Kenyans.

So here is a brilliant idea for Ruto and his friends to kill the meetings. Please hold the meetings at the Nairobi expressway right in the middle of the road.

This is how Ruto can set up a meeting designed to fail. Put all the chairs and table for the meeting in the middle of the Nairobi Expressway and get everybody seated and then every time some car comes racing through the expressway jump out of your chairs and onto the roadside. Then assemble the tables again after the car and when another car is coming do the same.

That way, the Ruto and Raila team can keep jumping out of the expressway every 2 seconds and the meeting will never even begin. Problem solved for Ruto and for Kenya. I need to get paid for giving such smart ideas to William Ruto and his saboteurs of Peace Talks for our country.

From the activities of Ruto and KK as Kenyans can see now, these political talks with Azimio are dead. One thing that has to be taken very seriously is that Ruto’s plan is to blame extremists (from his side) for killing the talks.

That is nonsense. Ruto as the president is directly responsible for what his side does to kill the talks. This is not about Gachagua, Mudavadi, or Ichung’wah. Those are nonentities in Kenya who are just desperate to make Ruto happy. This is about William Ruto. Same thing with the other side where Raila Odinga is directly responsible for what Azimio does at the meetings.

The other really important thing is that it is not Olusegun Obassanjo who is mediating these talks. It is the Kenyan people who are dying for their country who are mediating the talks. Let’s make no mistake about the fact that those lives of Kenyans will not be in vain.

As soon as the talks collapse in about two weeks Kenyans will go back to the streets knowing their own government doesn’t give a shit about them and this time there will be no talk about “Talks”. That is what is next and Ruto and his UDA team are setting the country up for that. It is not going to end well for them.

Another perfect venue for the Ruto meeting with Azimio could be the Nairobi River.

Ruto assigned Gachagua the job of cleaning up the river so it must be sparkling and beautiful right now. Let Ruto set up raised tables and chairs in Nairobi in the river and the Peace Talks can happen there. The participants will be watching lovely fish and frogs enjoying the river as they go on with their meeting.

God forbid there are floating dead bodies and shit in the river even though that could represent the situation in the country. So there is absolutely no shortage of meeting places to deal with the political meltdown in Kenya today.

And of course, William Ruto is still campaigning for the 2022 elections. He can’t understand the country really because it is all about him. Kenya doesn’t exist in Ruto’s world. Only William Ruto exists for Kenya.

“The only remaining job I have is to send Raila Odinga back to Bondo, actually he will go without even knowing it,” he said.

If Ruto beat Raila in 2022, he wouldn’t be talking about him now. Why is he talking about Raila? Even he doesn’t know. Good for him and good for the country.

This thing is going to be sorted out by Kenyans not by Ruto or Raila. Let that come. It s coming to the nation. Thankfully.

Adongo Ogony is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist and  Writer who lives in Toronto, Canada

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