County assemblies may have passed a fake BBI Bill

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One of the BBI Committee’s joint Secretary Paul Mwangi has raised an alarm over the content of BBI Bill which was passed in over 30 county assemblies.

In what could derail the entire process and question its credibility, Lawyer Paul Mwangi said there was no room for changes in the document and fingered the IEBC for playing a part.

“There was no room for altering the Bill after the signatures were collected against it. if indeed the contents of the Bill were altered before it was handed to Parliament it means that the electoral body that communicated to the 47 assemblies and the communication back from the speakers is where the damage could have happened,” Mr. Mwangi is quoted by a local publication.

Mwangi, who is also one of Raila Odinga’s legal advisors has called on the DCI to investigate and get to know how the document was altered and people responsible. The lawyer says someone was involved in criminality and should be exposed.

“DCI should jump in and unravel what happened between the IEBC’s communication to the assemblies, the debates and the communication to Parliament from the 47 county assembly speakers. Someone was involved in criminality and they should be outed,” said the lawyer.

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